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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    W'sWVS Contributing Writer's Poll:


    Rank: School: Votes (1st); Last Week

    1. Kansas 122 (3); 4

    2. Oregon 121 (2); 1

    3. LSU 114; 3

    4. WVU 110; 5

    5. Oklahoma 108; 5

    6. Missouri 99; 7

    7. Arizona State 93; 8

    8. Ohio State 91; 2

    9. Georgia 80; 13

    10. VPI 79; 11

    11. USC 64; 15

    12. Texas 59; 16

    13. UVA 58; 25

    14. Clemson 53; 20

    (Tie) Florida 53; 20

    16. Hawaii 49; 14

    17. Cincinnati 48; 18

    18. Boise State 40; 17

    (Tie) Boston College 40; 10

    20. Tennessee 28; 22

    21. U Conn 20; 9

    22. Illinois 18; NR

    23. UK 17; NR

    24. USF 12; NR

    25. Penn State 10; NR

    Dropped out of last weeks poll:
    Michigan, Auburn, Alabama, California,

    Receiving votes:
    Wisconsin 6, BYU 5, Michigan 4

    Biggest move up:
    UVA 12; Clemson and Florida 4
    Largest fall: Michigan 15; U Conn 11; OSU 7

    Bonus Treat: "WVU vs. UL Highlights"compliments of Dougity Dog:


    wvlawgeek said...

    The following are the individual votes of the contributing writers:

    DaGeek's Poll:

    1. Kansas
    2. WVU
    3. Oregon
    4. LSU
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Missouri
    7. Ohio State
    8. Arizona State
    9. Georgia
    10. VPI
    11. Hawaii
    12. Clemson
    13. Florida
    14. USC
    15. UVA
    16. Cincinnati
    17. Boston College
    18. Tennessee
    19. Texas
    20. Boise State
    21. U Conn
    22. USF
    23. BYU
    24. UK
    25. Illinois

    Weezie’s Poll:

    1. Kansas
    2. Oregon
    3. LSU
    4. Oklahoma
    5. West Virginia
    6. Missouri
    7. Arizona State
    8. Hawaii
    9. Ohio State
    10. Virginia Tech
    11. Georgia
    12. USC
    13. Texas
    14. Boise State
    15. Cincinnati
    16. Virginia
    17. Clemson
    18. Florida
    19. Boston College
    20. Penn State
    21. Tennessee
    22. Illinois
    23. Kentucky
    24. South Florida
    25. BYU

    Ole JB's Poll

    1- Kansas
    2- Oregon
    3- West Virginia
    4- LSU
    5- Oklahoma
    6- Missouri
    7- ASU
    8- Ohio State
    9- Georgia
    10- VPI
    11- Cincinnati
    12- Texas
    13- Virginia
    14- Clemson
    15- UConn
    16- Florida
    17- Boston College
    18- Illinois
    19- Southern Cal
    20- Kentucky
    21- South Florida
    22- Wisconsin
    23- Tennessee
    24- Hawaii
    25- Boise State

    Greg’s Poll:

    1. Oregon
    2. Kansas
    3. LSU
    4. Oklahoma
    5. WVU
    6. Ohio St.
    7. Missouri
    8. Arizona St.
    9. USC
    10. Georgia
    11. Virginia Tech
    12. Virginia
    13. Florida
    14. Texas
    15. Clemson
    16. Boston College
    17. Boise St
    18. Tennessee
    19. Illinois
    20. Cincinnati
    21. Michigan
    22. Connecticut
    23. Kentucky
    24. Wisconsin
    25. Hawaii

    Kerri Dee’s Poll:

    1 Oregon
    2 LSU
    3 Kansas
    4 Oklahoma
    5 West Virginia
    6 Missouri
    7 Arizona State
    8 Ohio State
    9 Hawaii
    10 Virginia Tech
    11 Georgia
    12 USC
    13 Texas
    14 Boise State
    15 Cincinnati
    16 Virginia
    17 Florida
    18 Boston College
    19 Clemson
    20 Illinois
    21 Tennessee
    22 Penn State
    23 Kentucky
    24 South Florida
    25 BYU

    Greg said...

    Does ANYONE actually believe Hawaii could be anyone in these polls. I'm not sure they could beat Notre Dame. BTW, I heard with one more win ND will be BCS eligible and Weis, that fat, snot nosed, hoodie wearing, Jaba the Hut looking pompous ass will be eligible for another extension....just like ND, Hawaii getting a BCS bowl would be a complete travesty! Go Blue Devils!

    wvlawgeek said...


    Why all the hate for the Rainbows? They afforded you two trips to Hawaii when you were an AF brat, frankly I think you owe them a debt of gratitude. A little WAC love would be in order wouldn't it? Just kidding but to answer your question yes I think that they could beat some of the teams in the top 25. As I said before though I will punish them severely for a loss so their lofty perch is fragile at best in my poll.

    As for the ND "crying Irish" I must agree. Chucky is playing for the toilette bowl against Duke. I hope they get flushed.

    I understand that Notre Dame engaged with the MAC conference about joining but the MAC said that credibility would be an issue and declined to take the measure any further. Upon hearing this the rest of the mid majors have declined to have discussions with them.


    Greg said...

    Not that I agree with this poll. But at least these people are willing to put there money where there mouth is... I give you the oddsmaker's poll!


    Anonymous said...

    The poll shouldn't be purely on the oddsmakers. Though Hawaii doesn't have the talent to play w/ the BCS contenders, they could play with the teams at the bottom of the poll. (I'm glad UT doesn't play them) And they should be rewarded to some extent for their successful season and if they are able to beat Boise, then it might not be so bad if they make it to the BCS.

    Greg said...

    I agree Marc. The poll shouldn't be for the "best" team. It should be for the team having the best season. Otherwise, upsets would mean nothing. But Hawaii has played the weakest schedule in the country and won by the skin of there teeth. The point is moot. With Boise St. and Washington left on the schedule, we'll find out if they're any good.

    Anonymous said...

    We definitely will find out about Hawaii. And I admittedly have them way too high in my poll but if they lose, I won't have any problem dropping them out. Are you prepared to move them way up if they win both games?

    Greg said...

    IF Hawaii wins out, they'll probably move up to the 12 spot. Kansas wins out, they're #1. Maybe I'm in the minority, but Oregon has looked better than LSU in the games I've seen. I would love to watch a Kansas/Oregon championship game, but you know the voters aren't going to let that happen if they can stick LSU in there.

    Anonymous said...

    Though I also think Oregon right now is the best team in the country, it's possible that my experience at WVU has caused me to overreward an undefeated season. That's a little odd 'cause WVU had no business in the national champlonship in 1993. And if Hawaii wins out, they're probably still not deserving of a BCS bowl, but then again, neither is Georgia.

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