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    Sunday, November 4, 2007

    First thoughts for Saturday...

    Well this is the first weekend of Football for this website. I am happy to say that even though DaGeek took it on the chin in the Pickem he has come through almost unscathed. :) Anyway, I am very happy that this endeavor is now moving full speed ahead. I have some initial thoughts for this weekend's going ons. The Eers had the weekend off and it would have been a good one to go camping. I thought that this image was a great idea for an off week. Anyway, I wanted to give you the reader my first thoughts for this weekend. So here goes:

    Well I guess the first thought I have is go Middies. It is about time you Navy guys got that monkey off your back. (I realize that that is not directly tied to WVU sports, but anytime ND loses it is a good thing and for crying out loud that was a long time coming. Roger S. has been waiting a very long time to see this happen.

    So who cooperated with WVU's National Title hopes?

    OSU: NO! O I didn't expect any help today but I held out hope in first half.

    BC: YES! This FSU team is a hard one to peg.

    LSU: NO! Come on Saban we needed that one.

    Arizona State: YES! In as much as they lost.

    Oregon: YES and NO. Took care of ASU for us.

    Oklahoma: NO! A&M just doesn't look like the same program anymore.

    Kansas: NO! That was a complete smack down they handed Big "little" Red. This team is a danger to jump ole WVU this week.

    Missouri: NO! Colorado just can't help us this week. This team and Kansas is going to make for a great game in Kansans City.

    UGA: NO. But I don't think that they hurt us either.

    VPI: NO. They are no threat to jump us so they really don't matter any more.

    Michigan: NO. Ditto here. They will not be able to climb high enough at this point.

    The Big East games this week really had an interesting impact on the Mountaineers.

    USF losing again makes them all but out of the Conference championship discussion and will eliminate them from the polls.

    Rutgers losing is a bad and a good thing. See U-Conn discussion below.

    Syracuse losing is bad in as much as it continues to mean that that team is a worthless win for everyone in Big East.

    Pitt winning is never a good thing. Let's face it the only good that could even arguably come from this is the administration keeping Wanstache for yet another year.

    Cincy winning makes our game with them an interesting one. This team has some great defense but I think that they are wanting on the other side of the ball.

    Finally, U Conn winning is a good thing in as much as it makes the drama of our meeting Thanksgiving weekend look all that much more interesting. This team is for real. They remind me of the Quincy Wilson WVU team. Just a tough bunch of kids who will scrap with anyone. Good for them. For now they can enjoy this run. It shall come to an end in late November.

    As for the rest of our out of conference opponents. The best thing that can be said for them is that only three played.

    Maryland losing again by very few points is getting old. The least they could have done was lose to Rutgers as well but noooooo. They have to screw that up too. Fridge will do anything to screw WVU.

    Marshall's spanking was expected. This team is just in disarray.

    ECU's win was expected. For me at least, it seemed Memphis put up too much of a fight. Come on Pirates get it together and win out your regular season.

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