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    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    "The Signal Caller" Jed Drenning's new website...

    Jed Drenning former Kennedy Award Winner, and current sideline announcer for Mountaineer Sports Network has embarked upon a new and exciting project know as "THE SIGNAL CALLER." His football pedigree is self explanatory just look at the image, which answers the question "the signal who?" When asked what is this page all about, he responded, "This site is for the football enthusiast, who reads the entire newspaper not just the Sports Section."

    This site is stocked full of all kinds of content: From breaking down the Big East
    1> Questions around the Big East as 2009 gets underway, to giving the most comprehensive breakdown to coaching the spread offense (It should be noted that he was one of the innovators of this concept as he was the "Signal Caller" for Rich Rodriguez at Glenville State College) 2> Coaching the Spread, to giving the avid listener to Sports Radio Talk Show the cheat sheet that is used by the "experts," 3> Radio Cheat Sheet
    , and my personal favorite 4>The Armchair Q-Bot which Jed has created to give a QB rating system from the QB's perspective.

    This site also gives the reader links to sites around the Internet, these sites are invaluable in getting the "rest of the story." I am quite certain that this site will be entertaining, informative, and a great way to supplement the knowledge of the football enthusiast. You can reach his site from the many links above and the link to the same on the right side of this blog.

    Congrats to Jed on today's launch. I highly recommend that you the football enthusiast peruse this page, but I warn you you will be reading and clicking there for some time to come.


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    11Bravo said...


    It’s Bill Carroll again. I hope you have time this coming Saturday from 10:15 until 10:30 for a radio interview.

    The Show is from 10-Noon and were hoping to have you on right after Coach Jack Crowe and prior to the
    QB Huddle, with: S. Utah QB Cade Cooper, Holy Cross QB Dominic Randolph, Fordham QB John Skelton and Richmond QB Eric Ward.

    If you with to stick around for the QB Huddle that would be great as well.

    Thank you,

    Bill Carroll
    Director of HBCU Scouting
    Regional Writer
    Consensus Draft Services

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