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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Coaches ratings

    Just a thought. Who's doing the best and worst coaching jobs this season. I'll start with my thought on the worst. Despite my complete disdain for Charlie Weis (Jaba the Hut), I would really have to give it to another washed up "pro" coach, Pete Carrol. He's done less with more than any other coach. In fact, they haven't looked like the same offense since Norm Chow left. Blame injuries, blame the weather, blame the schedule, blame the waterboy but USC was supposed to be 9 deep with 5 stars at RB. Their celebrated team speed on defense couldn't keep up with Stanford and frankly, IDAHO moved the ball on them with no problem. They still are likely to make a BCS game, but I'm not picking them to beat any other BCS team (except IF Hawaii makes it). Pete Carrol has done a terrific job recruiting....maybe he should go into sales.

    On the other end of the spectrum , if Mark Magino runs the table, he's the coach of the year. Looking a little deeper, Sly Croom is winning games where he shouldn't. Love that in a coach. (Hated that about Nehlen, never won games he wasn't suppose to win...Coach Rod....Georgia!) Good coaches inspire and coach them up! Kudos to the Zooker for this weekend but I'm not convinced he's an X's and O's guy. Just another case of a traditional defense vs. the spread...when will they learn? Don't get me wrong. Tressel is solid and probably the most dignified coach out there, but he hasn't handled the spread very well.

    And finally I have to mention Troy Calhoun and Paul Johnson. Not just because AF and Navy beat Notre Dame, but the fact that they get the little guys to play harder than their opponents week in and week out!


    Greg said...

    One other thought. With the eminent SEC coaching carousel at the end of the season, I'm guessing Paul Johnson ends up in the SEC! SO LONG seamen lover...did I spell that right? Anyway, it just would break my heart if NAVY lost their coach. :)

    Greg said...

    Don't forget Grobe at Wake. (Same staff) Calhoun was a grad assistant when I was there. I also have a lot of classmates that have entered the coaching profession and expect some of them to pop their ugly heads eventually. PS Bill Stewart was and I'm sure still is a nut. I love that guy. He was a grad assistant at Fairmont St. back when Coach Haddix and Sirian and what's his name from Grafton were all there.

    wvlawgeek said...

    I am not allowed to forget anything Wake Forest for Papa Geek would not be pleased. But I digress what Grobe does with less is quite admirable. Even if he coaches in that unmentionable conference.


    wvlawgeek said...

    Silly academy guys. All I can say is that I like them ex-air force coaches. One in particular is the ever optimistic Coach Bill Stewart. Thanks for your service and thanks for your coach.


    utweezie said...

    How about Wittingham at Utah. He's certainly innovative and exciting to watch.

    Greg said...

    Wittingham went for the onside kick up by 43 against Wyoming because the Wyoming head coach had guaranteed a victory. Utah has been very inconsistent. AF beat them with less size and speed.

    utweezie said...

    AF also played against their backup QB. And blanking Wyoming isn't exactly unimpressive. Wyoming did beat UVA.

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