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    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    Hello, vast readership.... notes on Pitt's craptasticness

    I am Jeremy B. Cooper, WVLawGeek's cousin stationed on location in Pittsburgh, PA. I thought I would share some delightful findings about the sorry state of Pitt football pertaining to the demand (or lack thereof) for Panthers tickets. Take a look at some of these ticket ads from the Burgh Craig's List:

    "We have 2 Upper Level tickets to the Panthers game Saturday. The location of the seats are in Upper Level 523, Row A. The price is $15 each, which is below face value. Watch Pittsburgh pick up a win against the Bearcats."

    "We have two Lower Level tickets for sale to the UConn - Pitt game Saturday. The seats are in Lower Level 107, Row D so you are only four rows from the field. The price is $14 each. Enjoy the game and thanks for viewing my ad."

    "I have 4 tickets for the Syracuse at Pitt game this weekend plus a parking pass. The 4 seats are together in 525 and the parking pass is just awesome right at Heinz Field. The tickets are each worth $40 plus the pass is worth $25, GREAT DEAL!! Im looking to get $60 for the 4 tickets and pass or best offer!"

    So... tickets for 14-15 bucks on Craigslist. Seems pretty steep. Go to stub-hub and they have them for $12. This is not to mention the radio promotion I heard a few weeks ago with an offer for Panthers tickets at $2.50 apiece.

    Given the sorry secondary market for Pitt tickets, I tend to think that the program isn't raking it in when it comes to filling up Heinz Field. It is uncertain how the Pitt Athletic Department is going to pay for Wannstadt's bonus for avoiding a five game losing streak this year if he tops the Orange this weekend. 2300 cans of mustache oil and 400 tiny combs is a pretty expensive package, so they might have to wait until basketball season before they can pay up.


    wvlawgeek said...

    Now it is that kind of on-site insight that I was wanting this site's contributing writers to bring. Well done cuz. I too have seen internet ads with the Panther ticks going for 2:50 a pop. On a related note I can't move my excess "Mooshall" ticks either. I guess that success on the field of play may have something to do with demand. Economics lesson this site is.-In my best YODA. Anyway, a fine job my dear Jer.


    Anonymous said...

    Let's just hope Dear old Dave keeps his job and allows this "progress" to continue.

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