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    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    Roundball thoughts...

    My dad is coming home from the beat down of Syracuse. It appears that we are a tail of two teams this year. By that I mean we are hard to overcome at home and we will struggle away. That sounds like the Big East. I think that we will be able to get some good away wins but it is clear it is going to be tough to do so. I am glad that Coach has done something in his first try that Coach B had a tough time doing in his tenure that is defeat the Orange. Anyway, I will have further thoughts on this later.



    Anonymous said...

    Though Louisville is a much tougher opponent than Syracuse, it still doesn't account for the difference in our play. We looked decent defensively but we never showed any continuity on offense versus Louisville. When Flowers leads the team in assists with 3, you can pretty much assume it was a struggle offensively. Big East road wins are going to be very tough to come by and we don't have a lot of experience with success in that area in the past in which to build. Nichols needs to step up his leadership on the road. Two assists in a game for him isn't going to get it done. There's still a lot to be optimistic about. If we can hold in the Cathouse this week versus mediocre St. Johns, we have a winnable road came coming up against S. Florida.

    Greg said...

    When they're on, they're tough. But when Alexander plays with his head up his ass and Ruoff's missing because defenders are spotting him...they look like shit. They need someone else to step up with their outside shooting.

    Does anyone else get that anxious feeling in the pit of there stomach every time Alexander touches the ball. Surely, it will be amazing...good or bad.

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