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    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    The mid season off week what to do with that? This is not time off.

    • Self evaluate: It seems that the first part of this process is for the coaches to go back and do a serious screening of the tendencies of our team. To determine what is working, what isn't working, and from a personnel standpoint making tweaks to those plays to make them work. Finally, the self scout is used to determine what they can do to disguise the plan from our opponents. He indicated that this is an ongoing process but that the extra time can be helpful. Coach has been pleased with the overall progress throughout the year and thus, desires to keep that progress going.
    • Coach Holgerson indicated in his interview yesterday that Geno is a work in progress with plenty of room to grow. His biggest and most common criticism of his signal caller is that Geno wants to do to much. He really is trying to dial that back to have Geno play with in the system and simply take what is there.
    • Coach was very pleased with the marked improvement of the special teams. He thinks he has found a punter. He was also quite pleased with what he saw from the defense. This he believes is going to have to continue to perform at a high level to finish the job of winning the Big East Championship. He sees Syracuse as having a similarly stout line as compared to UConn. But alas the Syracuse scout comes later.
    • The primary focus for the next two days is getting rhythm related workouts for his players. He feels that off weeks can slow down a teams momentum and progress so his practice regimines will be such to confound that problem. He says that the regimen will be 2 very brisk hitting practices with weight room workouts.
    • Another benefit to the "off week" is that fact that he and his staff will get to go do some serious recruiting. With all that is going on with conference expansion it is important for the Coaches to get into those homes and reassure those prospects of the WVU brand. I look for WVU to be getting some more verbal commitments following these visits. BTW the visitors we got from the UConn game all had positive things to say about WVU. In fact the 4 Mimamar kids really liked what they saw. It didn't hurt that their former Patriot classmates Geno, Stedman, Ian, and Ivan, all had really good games.
    • Once the Coaches get back from their expedited recruiting tours it will be back to preparing for the Orange. The work week will be moved one day forward as the game will be played on Friday Night on ESPN. Thus Sunday is Monday etc. Coach Holgorsen's radio show will be aired on Wednesday.
    Not really a part of the Coaching and athlete arena but this "off week" is proving to be a hot one for President Clements and AD Luck. There are plenty of going on(s) regarding just where WVU is going to be. So they too are going to be very busy. All and all this "off week" is anything but an off week. There are plenty of goings on to keep our staff and students busy. The second half of this season approaches and the one goal is still within our grasps. Let us win that BIG EAST championship and Win that BCS Bowl. It all starts on next Friday where we drub the Orange!!!

    Da Geek


    baseg said...

    Yes, I am hoping to come out of the off week and start blowing through the Big East! BSC title at hand!

    Anonymous said...

    Had a few moments to check into your diary and see that you are at it again. How you find the time
    to put this content together is beyond me. Between stalking Adelson and playing around on Twitter, I don’t see how you have the time to do this. Then again, in reading what you post, this can’t take more than a couple of minutes a day to do. As for this diary entry, man you are wrong in so many ways (but, then again, what is new?) WVU better be self evaluating because they are going to lose at least three games the rest of the way. So far, aside from LSU (and look how that ass whipping turned out), WVU’s schedule has been as impressive as one of your wimpy friends from the Fox News Channel trying to debate a half awake progressive (the liberal would win with half of his brain tied behind his back - yes, I stole that line from your leader, Rush Limbaugh). Marshall would have started you off with a big fat L had your AD and your coach not been crying about it being so late. That makes sense in light of cutting off beer sales in the 3rd quarter - your coach needed his beer bong. Geno Smith is so overrated it is not even funny. Throw it 50 times a game and you will complete a few. He is going to be in for a real treat when he faces the Orange attack next week. That is a loss, no doubt. WVU’s special teams is a joke and Casteel is the master of the gimmick defense. You touting the same is laughable. Speaking of a good laugh, that is WVU’s recruiting in a nutshell.
    What half way intelligent kid is going to go there in light of the soon-to-be defunct Big East?
    Answer, no one. The “verbals” for WVU will soon be jumping overboard as quick as your hero George Bush was to go into Iraq. Finally, don’t expect Clements or Luck to do anything to change
    WVU’s position for conference affiliation. You hillbillies are going to be in Conference USA, if you are lucky, before the end of the year. Try as you hillbillies might, all the complaining in the world won’t change that. Of course, if you are in charge of hearing the complaints, the same will be muted because you are to debate what the KKK is to blacks - not tolerant.

    Da Creep

    wvlawgeek said...

    It wouldn't be an open comment thread if the great and knowing Creep didn't try to hijack the whole thing. Well Creep I see you have come back for more. Welcome back. Once again your tireless tirades of hate born out of jealousy continue unabated. You spend the vast majority of your time attacking me personally which is evidence that you have no desire to assess or address your purported points about the game of football. Did you actually attend the Marshall game? I know that the 3 quarters of that game might have left you a little jaded but come man you did see the writing on that wall. Your team was done. LSU beat WVU that is an unimpeachable truth. That schedule that you keep belittling includes that team you so love from Huntington, and that conference you are dooming my beloved Eers to is also related to the Herd. Your self-hate is a bit exposed here. As for throwing it 50 times. What exactly the problem with that if you are in fact completing 60% of those passes. And you don't get to 450 yards throwing those balls to the sideline. Geno's numbers are gaudy to say the least. He has some fantastic receivers that are getting the job done as well. As for Jeff Casteel's gimmicky defense I'll take the 3 3 5 every day of the week. Oh yes WVU is in top 20 for scoring defense. None to shabby. And it is laughable that you would attack that part of the puzzle. Next rant that you went on is recruiting. Will it take a hit in this era of conference realignment. It would be ignorant for me to say no but we simply don't know what is coming down the pike. There are several possibilities. Armageddon is one and admittance into a stable AQ conference is another. We shall see. I for one think that your sources for gloom and doom are similar to your buddy Chucky Landon's debunked bunch of idiots. Anyway, Creep you always bring a late night smile to my place when I get to know that your medications just quite haven't taken hold. I am holding out hope that one day with research your mental malady can be overcome.
    God Bless,

    Da Geek

    Greg said...


    Verbose and Green is no way to go through life. I thought it was the ghost of Robert C Byrd for a second.

    WVU is currently #13. Where's Marshall, still waiting on a come back?? Dude, that's pathetic.

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