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    Tuesday, March 6, 2012

    Jones Snubbed

    At the beginning of the conference season, I was speculating with a fellow fan that Kevin Jones was putting up Player of the Year kind of numbers. He said "Don't worry. They'll (Big East) screw him out of it." I commented that if he was able to finish the season as the league leader in points and rebounds, they won't be able to. "We'll see" was the response I received. A few weeks ago, I began noticing some of the games that Crowder was putting together for Marquette and they were very impressive. I considered that along with Jones, he was a worthy contender for conference POY.

    Today, Crowder will be named Big East POY over Kevin Jones. I disagree with this selection, but not strongly. Crowder would be very deserving if KJ hadn't accomplished what only 2 others have accomplished in 35 years of the league. Unfortunately for KJ and Crowder, the award is an obvious farce. On Sunday, KJ should have been a unanimous selection for First Team All Big East. When he wasn't, it signaled that the vote for POY was going to be a mockery. The votes should be made public. I doubt Crowder would have won had all the coaches considered all the candidates without prejudice.


    bamamarquettefan1 said...


    Really, when you look at the stats in conference play, Crowder was better. Here is the side-by-side. Still, I hope his great performances against Baylor and K-State help give him many all-american honors, but just don't see how you give Jones the edge based on the conference play the coaches watched and the head-to-head.

    bamamarquettefan1 said...

    One thing all Marquette fans will agree with you on is that it is unbelievable that KJ was left off a ballot for 1st team Big East. However, Buzz Williams said weeks ago he would vote for KJ as POY, so I'm sure it wasn't him. Anyway, here is why I give Crowder a little edge for POY.


    wvlawgeek said...

    @bamamarquettefan1 I feel that Crowder certainly is a fantastic player. I think that the side by side is skewed a little and have scene others, which would tend to prove the exact opposite conclusion. But I digress, I'm most outraged by the fact that the Big East Coaches saw fit to be petty about their considerations for 1st team all big east. There simply is no justification for such actions. KJ and Crowder were the 2 best players in the league. It is a bummer that this analysis came down to anything but on the Court prowess. We can disagree on the ultimate result but we should agree that the systems lack of transparency is suspect at worst and down right dirty at best. Thanks for your input though I disagree with your ultimate conclusions.

    Da Geek

    weezie said...

    @bamamarquettefan1. Crowder had much better players around him, didn't play as tough a schedule, wasn't the focus of the other teams defense for the majority of the season, etc.

    Geno was robbed in football and people said it was because his supporting cast was so good. Is the same not true of Crowder? Do you really honestly believe Crowder's #'s would even be comparable if he played on a team with the current talent level of WVU? The stats are the only thing that are even remotely close when comparing them. Every other factor weighs heavily toward KJ.

    WVU1253 said...

    I'm sure the votes were counted (discounted) the moment the "divorce" was final and they reached a financial settlement allowing WVU to leave on July 1.

    I can understand Crowder edging out KJ for POY, sort of. But for KJ to be left completely off all-Conf First Team? You've got to be kidding me.

    This conference will choke to death on the basketball they were once so proud of.

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