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    Sunday, March 4, 2012

    KJ named All Big East First Team.

    Congratulations to Kevin Jones as his selection to All Big East First Team was announced today. Here is the rest of the team:

    Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut, G, So.,
    Jason Clark, Georgetown, G, Sr.,
    Jae Crowder, Marquette, F, Sr.,
    Darius Johnson-Odom, Marquette, G, Sr.,
    Kris Joseph, Syracuse, F, Sr.,
    Kevin Jones, West Virginia, F, Sr.,

    Truck Bryant was honored with a 3rd team selection. Kilicli did not receive honors and none of the freshman made the all-rookie team which consisted of 7 players. Additionally, one player was a unanimous selection to the All BE 1st Team and it was not Kevin Jones. It was Jae Crowder of Marquette. I would agree that Crowder deserves the recognition and in my opinion is more deserving of consideration for POY than his teammate, yet many consider Johnson-Odom to be the leading candidate from Marquette. These votes come directly from the coaches in the league and coaches are not allowed to vote for their own players. Obviously, at least one coach in this league decided that Kevin Jones deserved to be punished because he disagrees with the actions of West Virginia University regarding the conference. I'd like to know who the petty scumbag is and hear him defend not honoring KJ as at least one of the top 5 players in the conference.


    weezie said...

    Jason King of ESPN.com gave out season ending awards in an article yesterday and chose Crowder as BE POY. We'll see.

    Anonymous said...

    Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE! Did you just call someone a "petty scumbag?" That sounds a lot like a "personal attack." Sounds like I need to make some rules around here. Nothing pains me more than to have to set up regulations upon a free flow space like a blog, however, your comments have forced my hand. I don't have any, and I mean no problem with debate or criticism of my posts, or the other author's posts. However, I shall not publish comments that are personal attacks. Attack my posts, attack my ideas, attack my predictions, attack my rankings, no problem at all. Personal attacks upon myself or other authors shall not be tolerated. That isn't to say that jabs and fun intended rivalry will limited but mean spirited attacks simply will not be aired on this blog. You know who you are. I want to hear from you, even my rivals but I won't post those attacks on this blog. If you wish to participate, then I expect that the respectful posts be made. If that isn't your desire then simply don't expect to see your comments listed on this blog.

    You have been warned.

    Da Creep

    wvlawgeek said...

    Da Creep,

    You have returned to stir the pot again. Wow what a shock to see you again. You were conspicuously absent in recent months as the Mountaineers finished first in Big East Football, won the Orange Bowl, though we just squeaked by on that one. I am just surprised you weren't around to face the music at that time.

    Da Geek

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