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    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Da Geek's Big East Power Rankings and Bowl Projections 11/14/2011:

    1.  West Virginia  and Cincinnati share the top spot in this weeks poll.  As it appears that no one really wants to win this title.  Cincinnati still controls its destiny but they no longer have their starting quarterback.  Zach is down for the immediate future so the door is now ajar to the conference title.  WVU played uninspired football against Louisville last week but elected to show up somewhat at Paul Brown stadium.  As a result they have moved back into contention for the conference crown with 6 other Big East teams.  As for Bowl predictions:  Cincinnati has inside track to BCS while WVU is looking more and more Charlotte Bound for Belk Bowl.  Their is an outside shot that WVU could get a repeat visit to Orlando but that would require Notre Dame dropping a couple more games.  I don't see any Big East team playing in the Champs because they really want Notre Dame.  The only real caveat to this is that the Big East is falling a part a the seems and the Champs may not want to get stuck with a Big East team next year.

    3.  Pitt has moved its way back into serious conference contention.  The reason that they reside here and not with WVU and Cincy in the top spot is that they lost to Cincinnati and have to travel to Morgantown without their star runner.  While the WVU defense has proven to be porous, so does Pitt's defense against spread offenses.  They have however, made themselves a contender with some help.  They need Cincinnati to lose 2 more and win out for the crown.  Pitt is likely making a trip to Birmingham Alabama.

    4.  Louisville is still very much a contender but need both Pitt and Cincy to fall twice more.  In a four way tie they lose all the tie-breakers with their loss to Cincinnati and Pitt.  They do hold a tiebreaker over WVU but they can't win in either the 3 way or 2 way tie scenario.  They still have work to do but a bowl birth in Tampa Florida is now becoming close to a reality.

    5.  Rutgers holds down the number 5 spot though they are also in mathematical contention for the crown.  Though they are also at a disadvantage due to tie-breaker woes.  As I have maintained for weeks they have all but locked up their bowl bid to the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City.

    6.  Connecticut  and South Florida have moved into a tie for this spot.  Both teams got much needed victories this weekend.  Neither have a real good shot at a bowl game this post season but neither are mathematically out of that scenario either.  This fight to be at the bottom of the conference is fierce.  Only time will tell.

    8. And Syracuse has now locked up the bottom feeder status for the week.  After giving WVU an embarrassing loss they are now falling out of conference contention with every week that passes.  It appears that wins over Wake Forest and WVU will be their key wins for the season.  Losing to Connecticut is considered a cardinal sin.  Particularly when you lose to your fired ex-coach at home.  Syracuse much like those other teams so desperate to be at the bottom of the conference still have a legit shot at a bowl birth but now that picture has become quite out of focus.


    PittyCat said...

    I know it is a tad early, but can you give me an idea as to where you are going with the prediction
    on the Pitt game. Based on your track record, I am sure you see a thorough ass whipping coming
    for Pitt, but I wanted to make sure. With your ability to call these games like you did with
    Syracuse and Louisville, I wanted to make sure you were predicting yet another blow-out win for
    WVU. Once you confirm the blow out, I am doing what any reasonable person would do, bet
    everything that I own on Pitt. To date, your predictions are something for Triumph the Comic
    Insult Dog.

    Hail Pitt.

    wvlawgeek said...

    Pitty Cat,

    Once again a comment that has little to do with the blog post is found. What no criticism of the power rankings?

    Don't you worry, you will get your wish. Though I doubt that you are a new person to this blog. I am convinced that several of the persona's are the same person. But I digress. I will have a large write up on the sPitt game complete with a prediction from which I hope you bet your house. I would ask you why you would feel confident in sPitt this season. The only thing more schizophrenic than WVU's offense and special teams is the performance of the sPitt football team. Alas, I will keep you posted on my bold predictions.

    Da Geek

    PittyCat said...

    You wonder about any comments about the power rankings? Why waste my time with that, it is
    always the same, WVU is at the top. Instead of conceding the obvious - that WVU is incredibly
    average in a below average conference - you insist on trying to rank a bunch of crappy teams. Do you also try to give odds on who will win a race between people in wheel chairs and those on
    crutches? Strangely, that would be more interesting than these power rankings. But like you, I

    I have no idea what you are talking about with this “same person, different personas” comment. Are you referring to yourself? I am a Pitt fan and came across your blog when seeking out WVU football information. I was pointed your direction on a message board. I was told to look you up because you had a “web site” that was run by a grammatically challenged WVU law student who likes to make outrageous predictions. I had to check it out for myself and saw you were off on one prediction by almost 60 points! I figured that you had to be doing this on purpose and trying to make people laugh. I get it and I love it!! This “Geek” character your have created is hilarious. You approach your predictions like Stephen Colbert approaches his political takes. The satire on here is mind blowing. The only criticism that I have is that sometimes the predictions are too much. One screwy prediction (see Syracuse) is followed up with another (see Louisville). Too much of this and it will be so preposterous that people will not laugh. The spelling errors and grammar mistakes are a good mix to throw people off your scent as the
    prankster. Also, taking the high ground regarding the “personal attack” button, God that is good.
    Keep it coming. Thank goodness I found your blog, good comedy is hard to find online these


    Jeremy Cooper said...

    PittyCat... I assume that your disdain also extends to the Vegas odds-makers whose score predictions routinely favor WVU over other Big East teams. Surprise, surprise- those who attempt to predict the future are sometimes wrong. If Geek was always right, I would hope he'd redirect his prowess to the stock market instead of college sports.

    That being said- considering how well Syracuse has fared in the Big East other than the WVU game, it doesn't seem in retrospect that a big victory over the Orange was such a crazy thing to predict. It was a lot crazier of the Orange fans to think their team had turned the corner. Almost as delusional as the Pitt fanbase embracing Todd "High-Octane" Graham's empty promises this spring.

    Orangefan said...

    Sorry guys, but I saw that comment on here by Jermy Cooper and I couldn't let it go unchecked.


    Just so I have this straight, Cuse drops a massive 26-point beat down square on your overhyped heads and you say WE aren't the ones who turned the corner???? Wow. Stupifying. Typical WVU-football elitism. What is with West Virginia fans year-in-year-out thinking their teams are so much better than they actually are?

    Syracuse POUNDED West Virginia in the most one-sided demolition I've seen of a team since Greg Can't-find-my-butt-in-a-bright-room Robinson got the heave-ho outta town. I suspected the Orange might struggle on the road at UL the next week following a blowut win like that, but I'd be lying if I said I thought they'd actually lose that one. Nor did I think they'd drop subsequent games to the hamhanded likes of Pasqbologna and Skippy. I figured those games (Ucon/SoFla) could go either way but I didn't dislike our chances.

    What I wasn't prepared to do was tip a heavy jug of Koolaid and imbibe the liqid until I was Orange in the face. I wasn't about to predict SU to win 49-17. (that prediction sound familiar?) Why not? Because I didn't think that would happen. Only an idiot would believe a team that had proven so very little would beat ANYONE 49-17. All SU had done was blow out a WVU squad that hadn't beaten anyone with a winning record to that point. Yippee. I didn't think we'd drop three straight, but I did realize we still were a team with major flaws and that we were/are far from a finished product.

    As for your nice little Vegas odds-maker comparison, let me tell you something. Every week I scour the internet in search of as many score predictions, simulations, etc. involving Syracuse games as I can find. As you can imagine, there are a countless number of them available out there in cyberspace. I've done these searches for almost ten years now. I mention this to point out that at no juncture during all that time have I encountered A SINGLE PREDICTION THAT WAS AS FAR OFF AS DA GEEK'S WVU-SYRACUSE PICK. NOT ONE! ZIP! ZILCH! Don't know if you heard, but he was 58 POINTS OFF!!!! That's right - 58 POINTS!!! Granted, most folks that week (other than myself) were picking West Virginia to win. Even some by 2-3 touchdowns. But only one of them was OFF THE MARK BY 58 POINTS!!! Da Geek truly does get the crown for worst forecast I've ever seen. He predicted a blowout one way - and had the script flipped right in his gold & blue face.

    I honestly have never seen anything like the big, whopping error your Geek unleashed on the world the week of that game. 58 POINTS!!!


    wvlawgeek said...

    Pitty Cat/ Orangefan you too wear different monikers but say the same stuff. Yup I blew my call on Cuse game. Congrats on pointing that out. I would ask you what they have done for anyone lately? Nothing nadda, they are irrelevant. They are doing what they can to scramble to a garbage bowl. I believe that Orangefan made a point of pointing out that WVU would be playing in a garbage bowl after that game. He was all about laughing at us at his BCS bowl. But maybe his recollection might be faulty after choking away a loss to dear old UConn.

    As for my future predictions I shall continue to make them. I do drink the Kool-aid and love the taste. Am I hearing a prediction on the upcoming back yard brawl? Please feel free to demonstrate your Nostradamus-Esq. skills for us all to see. I will not shy away from that game. I noticed that the Bearcats went down this weekend but I don't get the benefit of hearing from the fella who was compelled to tell me what a beat down we were in store for at Paul Brown. For crying out loud our special teams won that game. Again, for those keeping score I missed my call on the Syracuse game. I missed it bad. I missed my call on the Louisville game. Lord knows I am going to miss some more in my day. But before you trash my calls call your shot. Orangefan you said we would get crushed we did. You didn't call a score. So how right were you? Is it enough to say you would win? I guess so. Now pick this weeks games for us all please. Same goes for you Pitty Cat let us see what great skills you each have.

    Orangefan said...

    First of all, I stick to what I know, and what I knew as early as last June was that WVU was in for a beat down in the Dome. I said Syracuse would hand you an ass-kicking, and they did. But now here you go splitting the hairs of a gold & blue cockroach and suggesting that because I didn't pick an EXACT score that I'm as far off as you. All I said was Cuse would KICK YOUR ASS. I'll admit I didn't say we'd kick your ass and be up 21-9 at the half and end up holding the ball for 35:55 and have 443 yards paced by Nassib's 75% completion rate and Bailey's 5.7 yards per carry. I also left out that on our 9th play from scrimmage we would draw you offsides, and that on our 18th play Nassib would hit Graham for 27 yards down to your seven. Now that I think about it, I left quite a few other things out as well. I guess my prediction wasn't clear at all. Sorry about that. Can I be forgiven.

    You, Geek, are an ongoing folly of horrible predictions. Let me ask you - have you EVER picked against WVU? In recent years West Virginia has played LSU, Auburn and Florida State. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess that in each case you predicted a WVU victory.
    It does make sense that you call them predictions - at least in the sense that they are indeed predictable.

    Is that why your site was conspicuously devoid of a Cinci prediction last week - because you feared the unthinkable and instead of having the brass to actually say so you opted to sit on your keyboard? You see fit to criticize my lack of predicitions - where were your's last week???

    In truth, you're not "predicting" anything. You're simply posting a score to a WVU victory each week. What's that worth? By Jeremy's logic, all you're really doing is parroting what you see coming out of Vegas - with your patented WVU spin on it. In fact, you're like the guy that calls a surprise onside kick, or a fake field goal, or a fake punt - or a home run in baseball - every time out. When it does finally (and inevitably) happen you jump to the fornt of the line and scream "I CALLED IT!"

    I find it hilarious that the week you just happen to "forget" to put you predictions up is the week that WVU was on the road with a semi-legitimate chance to lose. Haaaa!


    WVUJones-town said...

    Don't apologize to anyone form that "school" up north. Nothing wrong with a good ole swig of the Koolaid, Geek! Great thing to chase the shine down with. If being a loyal fan means I'm a Koolaid drinker and that's wrong, then I don't want to be right.

    Why is it that the only time we hear from the sPitt iditos is this time of year? All talk and always have been. The only thing that shocks me is that one of their seven fans has the time to be posting on the internet like this.

    You want a score I'll give you a score. Dana pounded Grantham like a mouthy wife when they was out west. The only thing different here is now the man in black has better players!

    WVU 78
    sPitt 13

    Guzzling that dee-lish B&G Koolaid since 1982.


    Mister Whiskers said...

    Da Geek wrote: "I noticed that the Bearcats went down this weekend but I don't get the benefit of hearing from the fella who was compelled to tell me what a beat down we were in store for at Paul Brown. For crying out loud our special teams won that game."

    Well, Geek here I am. Needless to say, it was a long weekend for us in the River City. I was confident the Cats would claw WVU, but it wasn't meant to be. If you're being honest with yourself at all (pretty funny, right?) you have to admit things easily could have turned out differently if Zach-tastic didn't go down in the first half. Oh well, we don't make excuses around here. We lost. Fair and square. I predicted a major Cincinnati win and fell short on that prediction.

    By the way, how does that compare to your prediction on the game?

    Wait - what? You didn't make one? Yet you're calling me out for missing on mine? The layers of this blog keep peeling away one at a time, and what’s revealed is a dark grotto that smells of one part cow manure and one part double-standard.

    Aren't you the guy who ranted a few weeks back to those criticizing your woeful picks, saying "at least you had the courage to show the world your picks" and blah blah blah??? Wow. You say all that and then, without offering "the world" a prediction on the UC-WVU outcome – lash out at me for being incorrect.

    That, Geek, is a double-standard of staggering proportions. It’s one thing to suppress the free exchange of ideas by picking and choosing the reader comments that are posted on here, but what you’re doing now is a whole different level of wrong. The first is simply gutless, the second is malicious.

    This, Geek, has taught us once again that your words are by definition hollow and meaningless. Please think about that for a moment before reading any further. Let it sink in. Doesn’t that bother you at all?

    Anyone who has ever spent more than three minutes skimming through the drivel on this site already knows the answer to that question.

    As I told you before, I was warned how autocratic and repressive your “blog” behavior could be but as an avid fan I decided to join in the debate anyway. I see I should have taken that warning more seriously.

    I made and prediction, and look at the treatment I receive – from someone who DIDN’T make one himself??? As one of your loyal minions might quip: Surprise, surprise- those who attempt to predict the future are sometimes wrong. If I was always right, I would hope I'd redirect m prowess to the stock market instead of college sports.

    I laid bare my gridiron soul to the world, predicting my team would pound yours, and I'm here to take my medicine for being incorrect. What do I find in return? Good old fashioned country hospitality? Hardly. The truth is I'd expect nothing less than this conduct from the fan of a team who skips out on its conference like a Gypsy in the night!

    As usual, I'm sure you'll have some snarky remark to personally attack me with for saying the following but it's my belief that real men, noble men, own up to their mistakes. So here I am. Give it to me good.

    Slap me all you want - at least I had the nerve to make a prediction!

    Hasta la vista, Geek!

    Mister Whiskers

    Orangefan said...


    If there’s one thing this blog REALLY needs, it’s some perspective. I figured I would do provide it for you – New York style.

    As I've said before, I've spent a decade combing the World Wide Web in search of predictions involving Syracuse football. Trust me; it was tough reading through some of them during the Robinson era. But that’s behind us now, a distant memory. This is the “new age” of Syracuse football as we finally head toward a legitimate conference and leave West Virginia in our dust with a two game win streak over them.

    I’ve gone back through all the Syracuse predictions I scanned online through the years and collected the three worst. The holy trinity of football ineptitude.

    Please note that two of the three forecasters at least had the pretext of making their wildly flawed picks during the dark days of the Robinson era at Syracuse – a time when on any given Saturday we could have had 50 dropped on us in a flash. The other of the three prognosticators, though, doesn’t have that excuse.

    I present to you, the Hall of Shame. These three guys are to college football predictions what “Plan 9 from Outer Space” was to the cinema.



    Forecast made by: Weis_Mann_Sedd (2008)

    Predicted Score: 52-7, Notre Dame

    Actual Score: 24-23, Syracuse

    Points off by: 46

    Commentary: I found this guy in an obvious drunken stupor on the Notre Dame message boards, shouting out for all the world to hear (or read) that the Irish were gonna “grind and rind Syracuse then bang the Orange Ladies in the locker room.” I don’t need to point out that those were his words, not mine. He forecasted a 48-point Irish win despite the fact that Notre Dame stumbled into the game at a modest 6-4 and with absolutely NO running game to speak of. How’d that work out, muttonhead? 46 points off – that’s how! This man was a belligerent pinhead. So dumb in fact that I wouldn’t be surprised if his Weis-friendly user name still hasn’t changed.


    Forecast made by: Birdlegs29 (2007)

    Predicted Score: 61-10, Louisville

    Actual Score: 38-35, Syracuse

    Points off by: 54

    Commentary: Vegas pegged the Cards as 38-point favorites in this one, but apparently that wasn’t enough for this reckless chump. “Birdlegs” turned out to be “Birdbrains” with this hilariously inaccurate pick. Maybe he simply hadn’t received the memo that Petrino had left town. Andrew Robinson (that’s right, the crappy guy with the weak arm who later got moved to TE) torched UL for 423 yards and 4 TDs and the rest was history. Birdlegs used to provide commentary for a piece of garbage blog called “Cardchronicle.” That’s where I found his prediction. The site is still around but I haven’t seen the idiot on there in a few years. The last time was probably 2010 or so. If he’s still there he’s posting under a different name. That’s not unlikely. After all, I’d change my name too if I was 54 points off on a score prediction.

    And finally:


    Forecast made by: WVLawGeek (2011)

    Predicted Score: 49-17, West Virginia

    Actual Score: 49-23, Syracuse

    Points off by: 58

    Commentary: Ah yes – the gold medallion of boneheaded picks. There’s wrong, then there’s WROOOOOONG. On an October Friday night at the Carrier Dome, a new standard was forged for ineptitude in predicting college football games. WVLawGeek, a self-procalimed “Kool-Aid” guzzler, sucked hard indeed from the gold & blue tit on this night. Da Geek bizarrely and blindly predicted a WVU team that had lost to Syracuse just 12 months earlier in Morgantown – and which came to New York without a single victory over a team with a winning record – to blast the Orange (on their home turf and in front of a national audience) by a mind-blowing 32 points Running a fool’s errand, Da geek proclaimed: “Syracuse deserves this upcoming drubbing just because they exist as a football program.”

    Congratulations are in order. You, my football-challenged friend from the hills, are ninconmpoop number one!

    The Crush is indeed on!


    Orangefan said...

    By the way.

    Hey Geek and Jeremy and Greg with one G and two, and whoever else in West Virgina is down there reading this. I know we've gone back and forth in recent days about a lof of topics, but don't let any of that distract from the one thing that really matters most:



    PittyCat said...

    This give and take is too funny. Where do you come up with all of these characters, Geek?
    Orangefan, Mister Whiskers, WVU Jones-town, and of course Jeremy Cooper. Orangefan, the
    know-it-all that got one prediction right and sheds light on your buffoon-like prediction against Syracuse. Mister Wiskers, who called his shot, and in true Geek fashion when dealing with
    predictions, missed by a mile. WVU Jones-town and Jeremy Cooper, both marching lock step with all opinions professed by the leader of the cult, Da Geek. Nary an original thought for those
    two, right Geek? Each of them play a role in the Broadway comedy known as WVLAWGEEK’s West Virginia Sports Blog. Keep it up because you guys are to blogs what Chaz Bono was to dancing with the stars - a strange mix of something you can’t stop viewing even though you know that something is really screwed up and wishing that you had the five minutes back that
    you wasted watching in the first place.


    WV Law Creep said...

    Hello, old foe.

    As you know, my prying eyes are never far from my favorite online sports diary.

    Normally my remarks on here are limited to crass criticisms about your poor grammar, your horrible spelling or simply your lack of any true insight. Not today. Today I come to extend an olive branch of sorts. Why? Because I couldn't help but notice the recent surge in activity and comments on here. Some of which were actually pretty entertaining.

    I have to tip my cap to you for at long last dropping the rape whistle and posting a few comments that don't cast you in a favorable light. I realize that posting such things is not easy - which makes it all the more magnanimous. That truly is the point.

    But why the sudden change? What made you see the light and start to appreciate that real debate only comes when both sides are heard?

    No matter the reason, you've demonstrated a lot of promise in posting the comments I read the last couple of days. It's good to know you're no longer bent on suppressing free thought. Doing so never did become you.

    I never imagined I'd say this but now that you're actually posting all your reader's comments (as opposed to selecting which among them sees the light of day) there might actually be some hope for you. Keep it up and you might just stimulate some interesting debate after all. Just be careful that your friends at the Young Republicans Club don't find out, lest they cast you out.

    This is a banner day for you, Geek. You're no longer climbing that slippery slope of censorship. After all, if the right of the people to say "F*** Da Geek" is taken away then next to go might be the right to simply say F***. That's not a world Da Creep wants to live in, and it's good to know you finally recognize that.

    Of course all the flowery praise I've heaped upon you in the above paragraphs would be null and void if I ever discovered that you are still suppressing the worst of your reader's comments. If that was the case I'd have no choice but to rip off this new, complimentary person faster than Limbaugh shedding a parka in a hot station wagon. I don't want that to happen. More importantly, neither do you.

    Here's hoping that isn't the case and that you have in fact turned over a new and more objective leaf. I for one am looking forward to continuing to read the new [and far more tolerant & diversified] Geek's diary.

    With your newfound transparency it is you, Geek, who has zinged ME this time.

    Da Creep

    weezie said...

    I personally wouldn't be surprised if Pitt beat WVU. The defense has historically made average opposing QB's look like all americans and that hasn't been any different this year. That being said, it is a little disheartening to see the immaturity of people coming to what is obviously a fan site and ridiculing someone for a poor prediction (or two). Though I wasted the time to comment here, I'm proud not to be the type of person that scours the web for a blog that has nothing to do with my interests and harass them. Though I would agree that the predictions were bad, we would appreciate it if you would go away and pay a little more attention to something involving your own teams.

    Take heed Geek, only a matter of months before we're off to the Big 12. Maybe the fans are more mature there.

    WV Law Creep said...

    Geek, throw the personal attack flag right now; Weezie has crossed the line and is not adhering
    to the rules for the blog. Calling people immature and accusing them of harassment? Seriously, that is uncalled for and way out of line. Also, your attack on da Geek is over the top where you rag on him for a “poor prediction (or two).” Lucky for you, da Geek allows free speech around these parts or you my friend would be serving a little time in the personal attack penalty box. Oh, and for your remarks about scouring the web with the intent to harass and your invitation to just go away, well, forget it. Perhaps, you should review the purpose of the blog as posted by da Geek on the front page of the blog. It specifically states that he “looks forward to debating his posts.” That is what he is getting, some debate. If everyone on here shares the same opinion, that is not a debate. That is daytime AM radio with Limbaugh and Hannity. While da Geek may have shared their mindset at one time, his studies from law school is opening his mind up to be
    more objective and considerate to the opinions of others. Perhaps, you should give it a try.

    Da Creep

    wvlawgeek said...

    Well, my favorite followers, you have decided to simply be critical and have yet to opine on the upcoming games. Specifically the brawl. Why do you think that is? I mean each of you know so much about prognostications of football that one would think you would take a stab at these predictions. How bout predicting this weeks game between Rutgers and Cincinnati? Come on Orangefan show us all how it is done. PittyCat I am sure you too would be able to give us some of your keen insight on this topic. I know that LawCreep would never be too shy to post a prediction so lets see it. Mr. Whiskers come on old bold one let us see your prediction ilk. Here is an opportunity to participate in debate of your forecasting.

    Da Geek

    WV Law Creep said...

    That's right, Geek! Let 'em have it! You heard him Orangie and Whiskers. Where's all the big talk when it matters most?? Looks like Da Geek has put you both in your place - again!

    Orangie now that you've bored us all to tears with your woefully sad internet searching exploits, why don't you step up to the plate and make a pick yourself? By the way, if your life is as lonely and thankless as I suspect, devoid of the touch of a good woman (or man?), I'm betting those internet searches you talked about weren't confined to football predictions. Am I right? Can I get an amen from Da Geek's boys on here???

    And you aren't out of the mix either, Whiskers. What's your deal anyway? This week you come on here whining about missing your prediction and whining that Da Geek didn’t make one. A few weeks back you were on here whining about being an immigrant or a minority or whatever else. This is America, muchacho! The whining doesn't fly around these parts. Especially for a place like Da Geek's blog. You don't see him whining when people send comments talking trash on him. What's he do instead of whine? He posts them - all of them! Think about that, Kitty Whiskers. Many folks would comb through comments like that and maybe post a few bad ones just to gain some token credibility - not Da Geek. He posts em all. That means even you will know that whatever lame response you have to my comments in this posted will in fact be posted no matter how bad you trash talk Da Geek. That's power you can't buy, Kitty. You can't say that about a lot of sites. Trust me.

    And PittyCat - I pity da fool who lacks the sack size to make a prediction on the Pitt WVU game. Let's hear a score, big mouth.

    And all of this goes for you too, Weezie. I see you over there ducking in the corner hoping I don't call you out with the others.
    What's that you have in that bag your carrying? Your spine? You, weezie, might be the most treacherous kind of wolf - the one that comes dressed like a sheep. You hop on here acting as if your in support of Da Geek then you say: "Though I wasted the time to comment here. . ." Real nice thing to say about a blog that at least grants you the right to post on it. You're lucky Da Geek is so tolerant. People like you make me sick. Acting all high and mighty, like you could put together a better diary than what the Geek has here - and acting like you have better things to do than post on here. What are you doing that's somimportant??? And who do you think you are??? By the way, I haven't heard you make any predictions either. Coincidence? I think not. Remember, Weezie, it’s easy to be critical of someone else’s work like you so rudely are about Da Geek's blog. It's not easy to man up and stick your neck out there with a prediction. Now step up to the plate or shut up.

    Speaking of predictions...Here's how I see things unfolding in this crappy conference this weekend.

    Rutgers - 0
    Cinci - 3

    Louisville - 0
    Connecticut - 0

    How bout the rest of you??? Keep ripping them, Geek, until we get predictions from all the critical idiots that post on here - starting with Weezie and Pitty Cat!

    Da Creep

    WV Law Creep said...

    Sorry. Just realized I had a typo in one of my predictions. Here's the corrected version.

    Louisville - 2
    Connecticut - 0

    Da Creep

    Greg said...

    Orange fan, I don't think you're paying attention. This post is about the Big East standings. Syracuse, despite their impressive win over WVU, is at the bottom.

    Louisville has improved the most this year. They're in it, despite having no real star. Good coaching!

    Cinci's still is in the driver's seat but without Collaros should make it interesting.

    The Pitt-WVU matchup looms large. I'll take WVU in a very close matchup. If Graham was playing, I'd give Pitt the edge. But I'll take WVU, mostly because Pitt blows!

    Creep troll, turn down your REM's "Everbody Hurts" and cry yourself back to sleep, you're keeping your mom up.

    Greg said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    weezie said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.

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