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    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Andrea Adelson ESPN Big East Blogger

    ESPN_BigEast is now Andrea Adelson. (The link will take you to her twitter feed. Clicking on the photo shall take you to her blog.) I have been reading her daily blog regarding the Big East and have been impressed with her insights. She isn’t afraid to enter the fray with the fans of BE football. And in that vein she has had to deal with the somewhat ravenous WVU Fan base. She publishes both the blog posts for ESPN and maintains a twitter feed that she actively monitors and responds to posts. I read her predecessor’s blog on numerous occasions and Brian B. had some decent posts but frankly I have found Andrea’s writing to be more on point.

    Some background on her. She
    graduated from Florida, interned at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. That led to a job covering the University of Miami from 1999-2001. As you can tell from the date her last year covering the Canes, they won the national championship as a Big East member. After that, she moved on to The Associated Press in New York, where she covered the New York Jets until 2006. Most recently she became an enterprise reporter for the Orlando Sentinel and eventually became a college football columnist and blogger. She left for ESPN in 2010 to be the college football nation blogger. And now she is the ESPN blog voice for the Big East.

    Since she has taken over for Brian, she is has made herself aware of the Big East players, coaches and staff. She is well versed in the Big East administrative going on(s) and has been willing to listen to the input of others regarding improving her blog site. She is not a Big East Apologist, but she isn't a hater either. She is willing to publish the great and small for Big East Football. Most recently she has indicated that Tavon Austin is the best at his position. I for one most certainly recommend this ESPN blog to you for your daily diet of Big East reading. You will find a direct link to the blog on the link side of this blog.

    Da Geek


    todrac said...

    Welcome. It is like a fresh breath of air. Only hope her independence will continue. So any time we see an attempt to set some agenda that turns out to be harmful. We will hopefully be able to provide information to her so she can spread the word that like in basketball the Big east is also a power to be reconded with.

    Tor Hershman said...


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