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    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    BIg East Preseason Poll.

    Though we are all wrapped up in WVU's football campaign in the Big East, many of us have been eagerly awaiting the preseason basketball polls to see where Huggins' squad ends up. (starts out) Today the expectations have officially risen. The preseason coaches poll for the Big East has been released. You can find it and revel in the glory at the Big East website. WVU received 5 first place votes and finished a very close 2nd overall to Villanova. I haven't done any checking, but I speculate that this may be the first time WVU has ever received first place votes in the preseason poll. And these high expectations will certainly end a streak for WVU. Following is the preseason rankings and final finishing spot for the 'Eers in the Big East the last 5 years.

    2005: WVU predicted 9th - Finished 7th
    2006: WVU predicted 5th - finished 3rd
    2007: WVU predicted 12th - finished 7th
    2008: WVU predicted 10th - finished 5th
    2009: WVU predicted 9th - finished 5th

    WVU has finished at least 2 spots ahead at the end of the season than the coaches predicted in the preseason. Obviously that can't happen this year, but I'd settle for just the one spot that's available.

    Monday, October 19, 2009

    Breakdown for Huskies' Tilt

    First and foremost the game takes on a somber note with the passing of UConn d-back, Jasper Howard. As said below, everyone here at DaGeek's Blog will keep his family and the UConn team in our thoughts and prayers.

    Now for an evaluation of this game. It appears that JB will be a game time decision. And the status for Scooter Berry is likewise uncertain. Otherwise the Eers are relatively healthy.

    UConn clearly has one of the classiest and talented coaches in the Big East, Randy Edsell. He knows how to win games and continues to field teams that have done very well in the Big East play. His basic philosophy appears to be to do it the old fashioned way, run it down your throat and beat you with defense.

    Until last week, UConn had a stingy rushing defense but they got gashed for a bundle of yards against Louisville. However, they continue to boast the two running back, 5 yards per carry threat of: Andre Dixon who has 123 carries this season with 616 yards scoring 7 touchdowns, and Jordan Todman who has carried the ball 100 times for 502 yards scoring 6 touchdowns. That should get Coach Casty's attention. While UConn has been pretty "one dimensional," they do that very, very well. WVU boasts the number 7 Rush Defense. Clearly something has to give.

    As for the less used passing attack look out for senior WR Mar­cus Easley (#29). He has emerged as their most impressive receiving talent. He has 10 receptions for 234 yards and 2 TDs. UConn also has a serviceable Kicker who has placed 6 footballs through the goal posts for field goals and a perfect 22 of 22 on extra-points. His long this year is 49 yards. Bottom line UConn has the type of team that can grind you out and win the close one.

    I would opine the key to success against them would simply be to score early and often. While not an easy task, we have the skill players to do just that. The one thing that we simply can't do is give them short fields because of penalties and turnovers. They will make us pay for those transgressions. Historically we are undefeated against UConn.

    This game is a scary game on the schedule. It should be a bruiser slobber knocking type of game that any Steeler fan would love. I am excited to see how the Mountaineer team will perform with this kind of challenge.


    Week 8 Blog Poll

    1. Florida (1)(6-0)93
    2. Iowa (1)(7-0)90
    3. BAMA (1)(7-0)87
    (tie)Texas87 (6-0)
    5. Cincinnati (1)(6-0)83
    6. Miami (5-1)73
    7. Texas Christian (5-0)70
    8. Oregon (6-1)67
    (tie)LSU (5-1)67
    10. Boise State (7-0)64
    11. USC (6-1)59
    12. Ga Tech (6-1)57
    13. Va Tech (5-2)50
    14. WVU (5-1) 49
    15. Penn State (6-1)36
    16. sPitt (6-1)35
    17. Arizona (4-2)30
    18. Ok State (5-1)28
    19. BYU (5-1)26
    20. South Florida (5-1)25
    21. South Carolina (5-2)24
    22. Nebraska (5-2)18
    23. Utah (5-1)16
    24. California (5-2)15
    25. Texas Tech (4-2)10

    Others receiving votes: Missouri (4-2)9; Houston (5-1)7; tOSU (5-2); Oklahoma (4-3)6; Notre Dame (5-2)5; UConn (4-2)3; Ole Miss (4-2)2; Kansas (4-2)2; Oregon St. (5-1)1

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Basketballers take to Court tonight. Associates of Carbon Bowl to Kickoff tomorrow, why WVU shall prevail.

    We are now at the Mid-point of one season and the beginning of another. I am excited at the prospects for both teams. The Gridders have only to play to their potential tomorrow and that should be enough for a 5-1 start. The Roundballers need only show up tonight and I am sure the Colosseum crowd will be very entertained. The theme for this post is optimism. We have a team in a true Big East Hunt in Football and in Basketball as well.

    While more detailed information shall follow regarding the basketball team it is important to note that this team will be deeper and more talented that we have seen in a very long time. Some points to make our all everything sophomore forwards are about 35 lean pounds heavier than they were last year. Our guard play should improve as well. We have some more Frosh players and JC players that could mean that our starters can play meaningful well rested minutes for the first time in years. Bottom line is that this team is limited by itself and nothing else. Will the Big East be a tall order? Absolutely! Coach Huggs is ready for us to be in Elite company and sees us competing for that title as well as the NCAA title.

    Now on to the "if only a little more pressure I would be a diamond bowl." Yes I am not a fan of the name of this game. However, I am looking forward to the second week in a row of offensive success with no turnovers. The Mountaineers have won all eight meetings against the Thundering Herd. I see tomorrow's rendition of this series being much the same.

    Marshall boasts a 4-2 record coming into this tilt. They have an explosive running back. In fact, On Saturday, two of the top three running backs in the nation will square off. Darius Marshall's 147.40 rushing yards per game ranks second nationally, while Noel Devine's average of 126.20 YPG is third. Hopefully at the end of this game Noel can rush past Darius tomorrow in the national rankings. The Herd posts a pretty forgiving defense (ranks 90th overall), but a real desire to unseat the king of West Virginia Football. Coach, Mark Snyder will have a game-plan to win for sure, but I anticipate talent being the turning point in this game. The Mountaineers simply have too many slugs in the Muskett for the Herd. Simply stated this game will not be close. I predict a 26 point margin at games end. I am looking forward to freezing my hindquarters off as I witness this beat down in Motown. I am also excited to see our starters watching the game with me as they are done at the end of the 3rd quarter. Yes my Mountaineer nation, I am very optimistic that at the close of the 4th quarter Country Roads will be music to my ears and Eers. WVU 39 Marshall 13.

    Da Geek

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    WEEK 7 Blog Poll:

    1. Florida(1)(5-0)95

    2. Alabama(2)(6-0)94

    3. VPI(1)(5-1)90

    4. Texas(5-0)87

    5. Iowa(6-0)77

    6. Cincinnati(5-0)72

    7. Oregon(5-1)68

    8. Miami(4-1)66

    9. LSU(4-1)61

    10. Ohio St(5-1)59

    10. Boise St(6-0)59

    12. USC(5-1)56

    13. TCU(5-0)55

    14. Nebraska(4-1)50

    15. USF(5-0)45

    16. Penn St(5-1)42

    17. WVU(4-1)39

    18. USCar(5-1)35

    19. Oklahoma St(4-2)28

    20. GT(5-1)24

    21. Utah(4-1)22

    22. Kansas(4-1)19

    23. Missouri(4-1)17

    24. BYU(4-1)13

    25. Wisconsin(5-1)10

    Others receiving votes: Pitt(5-1)09, Notre Dame(5-1)05,Oklahoma(3-2)04,Auburn (5-1)01,MSU(5-1)01

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    3 Pre-season Basketball accolades for you to consider:

    I don't normally interrupt the football season with blurbs from anything outside of football but with the hype/hope being generated around this years version of the Mountaineer Basketball team it was simply too hard not to comment. Below are three reasons to be watching:

    1. The
    Sporting News has us picked as the top Big East team in its poll and the 5th overall pick in the nation. 2. ESPN's Dick Vitale has the Eers coming in at number 9. "I know, I know. The college basketball season doesn't start for several months. But I am so excited about the 2009-10 season. People come up to me and ask if I think their favorite team will do well. ... 9. West Virginia: Devin Ebanks and Da'Sean Butler lead a tough Mountaineer squad. Bob Huggins believes he can contend for a Big East title."

    3. West Virginia has two of the Big East's 11 players on the 2009-10 preseason list for the John R. Wooden Award All-American Team and Player of the Year trophy.

    I don't know about the rest of you but I for one am excited. Preseason drills have begun and the anticipation for the first tip off is great. With non-conference games against Ohio State, Ole Miss, Duquesne, Coppin State and Loyola at home; Marshall and the Citadel in Charleston; and Purdue and Cleveland State away as well as the Big East Slate; what is not to be excited about? The fact is that we are in store for something special.


    2 Eers honored in weekly Big East awards.

    Scott Kozlowski • Sr. • P • West Virginia • West Palm Beach, Fla.
    Kozlowski helped protect the Mountaineers' 35-24 win against Colorado by averaging 48 yards on four punts with a long of 56 yards. He hit two third-quarter punts from inside the West Virginia 20 that tipped the field position battle to Colorado's side of the field and pinned the Buffaloes on their own 8-yard line on a fourth-quarter kick.
    Noel Devine (photo from AP), RB, West Virginia - Ran for a career-high 220 yards with a touchdown on 22 carries in a 35-24 win against Colorado.

    Nice job fellas. I personally think that Noel's performance was better than sPitt's Stuhl but I digress. We are proud of both of these Eers.


    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Congrats to Mountaineers in NFL:

    Congratulations to Owen Schmitt and Steve Slaton. Both scored touchdowns in this weekend's games.

    Owen Schmitt caught two pases for 3 yards one of them being for a 2 yard touchdown against the Indy Colts.

    Steve Slaten carried the ball 21 times for 65 yards one being a 32 yard TD. He also caught 2 passes for 24 yards with one being a 12 yard touchdown.

    Way to go guys!!!


    Week 6 Blog Poll

    Rnk. School(1st)Record,points from voters.
    1. Florida(2) 4-0, 93
    2. Texas 4-0, 92
    3. Alabama(1) 5-0, 88
    4. Virginia Tech 4-1, 81
    5. IOWA(1) 5-0,77
    6. TCU 4-0,74
    7. LSU 5-0,70
    8. Cincy 5-0, 67
    9. Miami 3-1,66
    10. Boise 5-0,56
    11. Oregon 4-1,48
    12. Auburn 5-0,47
    13. tOSU 4-1,45
    14. USC (West) 4-1,44
    15. PSU 4-1,35
    16. USF 5-0,34
    17. WVU 3-1,33
    18. USC (East) 4-1,31
    19. Kansas 4-0,26
    20. Arizona 3-1,23
    21. BYU 4-1,22
    22. Oklahoma St. 3-1,18
    23. Missouri 4-0,17
    24. UCLA 3-1,16
    tie Ga. Tech 4-1,16

    Others receiving votes: Uconn 3-1,15; Ole Miss 3-1,14; Nebraska 3-1, 14; Wisconson 5-0,12;
    UTAH 3-1,10; Rutgers 3-1,7; Oklahoma 2-2,04; UGA 3-2,3; Stanford 4-1,2

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Shame on me?

    First of all, let me admit that I have not been Coach Stewart's biggest fan. I was abhorred by last year's kickoff coverage and inability to develop a fullback to help us in short yardage. I also felt like our offensive game plan lacked comprehensiveness. I did defend the staff, however, and admit that they deserved time to learn to work together and run their own team. Now, over the beginning portion of this season, I believe that this group is beginning to gel. While the loss to Auburn is disappointing, and last night's victory over Colorado should have been more impressive, this staff has appeared to have corrected past problems and developed quite an explosive offense.

    Of course, things aren't perfect in Mountaineerland. Ball security is obviously a big problem. Now let me first say that I am a big fan of Jarrett Brown. He has a cannon for an arm and is unbelievably athletic. Additionally, he has ideal size to succeed at the next level. Unfortunately, what he doesn't have right now is a lot of experience. It has largely been his poor decision making that has kept us from blowing up the scoreboard. Of course he is also a major reason we have 3 wins right now. But let's give Mullen some credit too. If we hold on to the ball a little better and JB stops taking too many 13 yard sacks, we are going to be difficult for anybody to stop.

    Youtube Highlights for South Florida Game

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