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    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Pat White a Pro!!!

    With the 44th pick in the NFL draft the Miami Dolphins selected the greatest player to ever where a Mountaineer uniform. Way to go Pat White!!! I could not be prouder.

    This mornings Miami Herald sports opinion section had some very nice things to say about White. But more than that it was the post-draft interview of Pat that made me even more proud of him.
    ''I just want the opportunity to play,'' White said after being selected with the Dolphins 44th overall selection. ``I had no expectations, I was just hoping someone would give me a chance, and the Dolphins have. I am grateful and ready to get to work.'' When he was asked about Mountaineer fans referring to him as the greatest ever, [Clearly talking about, at least in part, the authors of this blog.] he responded, "Everybody's entitled to their opinion. And I'm grateful to those that think so.'' You are more than welcome. And finally about his willingness to do what is required of him in the NFL. ''I can play multiple positions, so I'll see where I end up,'' White said. "I'm ready for anything.''

    All I know is I am thrilled that this ambassador of all things Mountaineer football is heading to the Pros.

    Da Geek

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Da Geek is irate over the news that Pat White's Jersey not being retired.

    Apparently, Pat White does not meet the criteria set fourth by the board or committee that designates the retirement of a jersey. The full article anouncing this is on ESPN.COM., entitled,"West Virginia's White not eligible for jersey retirement, and by Daily Mail's article by the same name" No. 5 should never be worn by a Mountaineer football player again. But even an unofficial recognition of a retired jeresy is not enough for me. I feel that anything short of honoring the greatest football player in Mountaineer football history, is a travesty of justice. I am seriously considering an petition to right this wrong.


    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    New Frosh Dalton Pepper excells in All-star game...

    Dalton Pepper Rival's 3 star signee to WVU, played in the 49th annual Albert C. Donofrio Classic. Make that he dominated it. Very nice!!!

    "...Dalton Pepper, the Pennsbury senior on his way to West Virginia. Pepper had gone off for 39 points the night before in Bucks’ double-overtime victory against the Sonny Hill Juniors. On this night, Pepper topped his semifinal performance, pouring in 45 to go with eight rebounds and four steals." -Times Herald (click for full article)

    Dalton Pepper won the Art Andre MVP Award while playing in this prestigious all-star Tourney. Things looking none-too-shabby for our incoming commits.
    Can't wait to see him in the Gold and Blue. Immage from Rivals.com


    Tuesday, April 14, 2009


    Throughout the later part of the season, it was becoming obvious that our basketball team was growing and coming together in a special way.  It didn't pan out in the NCAA tournament quite how we had planned, but it was still a very nice season given expectations and circumstances.   Next year will be a different story.   I stated a couple times throughout the year that I believed that this team would be a preseason top 15 team next year.  I might be a little off.  Several postseason polls for '09-'10 have WVU's basketball team in the top 10.  SI has WVU at #9.  As expected, Ebanks will be returning and I believe that Butler may be testing the waters, but there is little doubt that he will be returning as well.  The biggest question regarding their preseason rank next year will likely be the health situation of Joe Mazulla.

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Owen Schmitt looks to be the starter in Seatle,

    Seahawks' Schmitt ready to start

    By John Boyle
    Herald Writer

    RENTON -- The legend of Owen Schmitt is far from complete if you ask the second-year Seahawks fullback.

    Sure there is the time in college that he ate a beer coaster in 10 seconds, or the Youtube clip of him repeatedly slamming his own helmet into his forehead after botching a pooch punt in a game his senior year, or the Mohawk he turned into a fashion statement on the campus of West Virginia University, or the numerous facemasks and helmets he mangled during his college career, or the ... OK, you get it.

    But there's something missing, Schmitt says. He wants people to know he's more than a crazy sideshow.

    "It's kind of funny, everybody just knows me as a big meathead," Schmitt said Thursday after the Seahawks wrapped up the final practice of their three-day minicamp. "It'd be nice to show people that I can actually play a little bit too."

    Schmitt has a good chance to show just that in 2009. Leonard Weaver, last year's starting fullback, signed with Philadelphia last month, leaving Schmitt as the only fullback on Seattle's roster at the moment. The Seahawks also brought in David Kirtman for a tryout this week, and will look at free agency or the draft to give them depth at the position, but Schmitt has a chance to earn a starting role in his second season.

    "We'll certainly need another body, but we feel good with Owen," said Seahawks coach Jim Mora. "We think that he's going to develop into the kind of fullback that can function well in this offense."

    Schmitt knows more competition will join the team at some point, but he also is confident he'll be up to the challenge.

    "I've still got to prove myself and work hard, but I think I can do the job," he said. "I'm sure they'll bring some more guys in too, so I'm just trying to take it one day at a time and prove to them that I can do it."

    And if Schmitt knows anything -- besides crazy -- it's proving himself.

    Schmitt started his college career at Division III Wisconsin-River Falls, but convinced he could play at the D-I level, he went on a trip with his mother to Morgantown, W.Va. and dropped off some game tapes. Four years later, he was tearing up during a nationally televised interview after helping the Mountaineers to a Fiesta Bowl victory.

    "There's always a level of appreciation you're trying to gain as far as respect goes," he said. "I'm just going to try to come out and show them that I can do it, and I've just got to work hard to get there."

    But even if Schmitt does become Seattle's next starting fullback, don't expect him to turn normal all of a sudden.

    "He's a little different," said quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. "But he's from West Virginia, so it makes sense."

    I just printed the whole article. I thought it was a good one. Way to go Owen. Kiss our collective butts Matt (He is just sore because BC is like 3 and 1 million against us.)

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    Premature Purely speculative Proud Preseason Predictions for 09' Gridders

    Well for this WVU cool-aid drinking fool it looks pretty good for the fortunes of the "good-guys" even in the post Pat White era. I see us winning 11 or more games. I would ask each of my fellow authors to speculate as well. Comments on these predictions are requested and likely jested. :)

    Sep. 5 Liberty Win

    Sep. 12 East Carolina Win
    Sep. 19 at Auburn Win
    Oct. 1 Colorado Win
    Oct. 10 at Syracuse Win
    Oct. 17 Marshall Win
    Oct. 24 Connecticut Win
    Oct. 30 at USF To Close to Call
    Nov. 7 Louisville Win
    Nov. 13 at Cincinnati Win
    Nov. 27 Pittsburgh Win
    Dec. 5 at Rutgers Win

    Gold / Blue Game

    Gold-Blue Game Set For April 18

    West Virginia University will hold the annual Gold-Blue spring football scrimmage Saturday, April 18, at Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. Kickoff is set for 12:30 p.m.

    The mid-day intrasquad scrimmage will conclude WVU's spring football drills. The offense will be wearing gold uniforms, and the defense will don the blue uniforms. Scoring will be determined by scoring plays and first downs for the offense, and defensive stops, turnovers and touchdowns for the defense.

    Tickets are available for $5 each. They can be purchased in person and in advance at the Mountaineer Ticket Office located in the WVU Coliseum or at the Milan Puskar Stadium gate on game day. WVU students will be admitted free with a valid ID. Stadium parking is open except for the lot directly in front of Ruby Memorial Hospital.

    Once again this year, there will not be an autograph session following the game, and fans will not be permitted on the field. Mountaineer Football will conduct its annual Fan Day in August with details being released later this summer.

    Proceeds from the Gold-Blue Game again will benefit WVU Children's Hospital. The Mountaineers have donated more than $554,413 to Children's Hospital during the past 24 years.

    Youtube Highlights for South Florida Game

    Big East Champions

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