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    Sunday, January 22, 2012

    Tourney Birth On The Horizon

    Barring a major injury or total meltdown, the Mountaineers are well on their way to a NCAA tournament invite. Kevin Jones again led the squad to an exciting and fortunate victory over a very good Cincinnati team yesterday. KJ could earn POTW honors this week and is still well on his way to POTY in the Big East. Along with Kilicli, a couple of freshman also came up big. G. Brown and Hinds did a tremendous job of picking up the backcourt given the freshman-like performance of Truck. It's quite a testament to beat a good team when one of the leaders doesn't show up to play.

    And the rest of the schedule looks manageable for an invitation. UConn and Georgetown are in the mirror and with Pitt playing terrible and Marquette and Louisville at home, the 'Eers have a fair chance of winning every game left except possibly at Syracuse. That should easily get them the 6 or so wins in 11 games to be tournament worthy. I commented a few weeks ago that 21 wins seemed optimistic. I was happily mistaken and now that forecast seems a little conservative. Let's Go Mountaineers!

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