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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Way to go Rutgers. Shame on UConn

    It has come time to kick Notre Dame out of the Big East. It is obvious that they have no interest in becoming a member of the football conference and the hinderance that brings to the other BE football schools is not outweighed by having Notre Dame as a member in other sports. Big East football teams are almost desperate to add another team so that they can schedule 4 conference home games every year and make up the revenue they struggle to maintain in years that they only have 3 conference home games. It is very difficult to schedule the extra nonconference game and maintain home game revenues. (teams typically pay other teams to come play at home) Tranghese and other BE officials have stated that they will not be adding another school in Big East football because of the overfill of schools in other sports in the Big East. Eliminating Notre Dame from the "other" Big East conference would allow for the addition of a school that could play in football and the other sports. (East Carolina is the school most talked about for this)

    Initially, the addition of Notre Dame was a false hope (at least for the fans anyway) that someday Notre Dame would need to join a football conference and the Big East would have their foot in the door. It is becoming apparent that is something that will never happen. There is also some fear that eliminating Notre Dame would cause it to be more difficult to attract bowl tie-ins for the conference. I think that the Big East has come far enough that we don't need Notre Dame's help to keep the mediocre tie-ins that we already have.

    Now Notre Dame is pushing even harder. Notre Dame agreed to schedule a certain number of games within a certain time with schools in Big East football when they joined the conference. UConn and Notre Dame have agreed on a 6 game series. Of course, Notre Dame would only agree to the series if the "home" games at UConn were played in larger cities and not on UConn's brand new facility. UConn had to get special permission from the state legislature to be able to agree to playing "home" games away from their on campus facility. Is this really helping the Big East? I don't think this is what the Big East had in mind when they asked Notre Dame to schedule football w/ Big East schools. Rutgers is turning down a 10 game series w/ Notre Dame because they are asking the same thing and Rutgers is refusing. They also have a relatively new facility and they don't see any good reason to schedule "home" games somewhere else. I expect Notre Dame will keep calling on schools in the Big East to schedule games so that they can fulfill their obligation. The rest of the schools in the Big East need to stand firm and refuse to play home games away from their campus. We need to unify and tell Notre Dame that if they don't want to come to our houses to play football, then maybe we aren't interested in playing any sports in South Bend.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Bill Stewart on Rivals April 23 2008


    If that doesn't work just google rivals radio. I also suscribed to a bunch of podcasts on itunes. Maybe would should divide and conquer some of the many football podcasts.

    Sunday, April 20, 2008


    Devin Ebanks de-committed from Indiana after after the Kelvin Sampson debacle. Looks like he's down to WVU or Memphis.

    Friday, April 18, 2008

    The Sleaze Saga Continues

    Rodriguez continues to dig his own grave in the battle over his departure. Several legal op eds have appeared and contend that WVU will win the lawsuit and collect all $4 million plus interest. Interest is accruing at around $300 each day and could escalate to $900 per day soon. However, it is the inability of the Rodriguez camp to keep this fight out of the press that is continuing to haunt them.

    The largest casualty of this whole thing could be Calvin Magee. Recent statements by Magee indicate that he never cried racism was the determining factor for him not being considered for a job. “This is being (made) out to be a racial claim by the early reports. I’ve never made a racial ‘claim,’” Magee said. “I listed some facts that occurred. How it is interpreted is up to the interpreter. Some facts that I stated in preparing for the bowl game. Some treatments by the president, some treatments by the athletic director. That’s what I did. How it was printed and how it was relayed, it’s just the facts.” Unfortunately for Magee, he never made the original comments to the press, he made them to his agent, Mike Brown. And Mike Brown clearly indicated to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that Magee was not considered due to his race.

    Now the claims are that it was a member of the Mountaineer Athletic Club, Larry Aschebrook, who indicated to Magee that he would not be hired due to his race. Aschebrook vehemently denies the claim. The funny thing is, even if Aschebrook had told Magee that, what kind of fool would listen to him. Aschebrook had only worked at the MAC since October 1st and had never lived or worked east of the Mississippi River prior to that. If Magee believed he wouldn't be hired from this guy, then he's a lot dumber than I thought. Magee's loyalty to Rodriguez is going to cost him more than anyone in the long run. Who is going to consider a candidate for even an interview for a head coaching job if they fear that his agent may cry racism if he isn't hired?

    Additionally, the Rodriguez legal team has indicated to the Detroit Free Press that they had only named The WVU Foundation in the initial lawsuit to annoy and frustrate the University. The Foundation is asking that Rodriguez be held responsible for the $30,000 in legal fees that were spent. Originally, I had hoped that this mess would go away quietly and quickly. However, if Rodriguez would like to continue sticking his foot in his mouth, and we can collect all the interest coming to us, then we certainly won't be the institution that suffers for this. That would be the University of Michigan.

    Spring Game. DaGeek will be in the House!!!

    Spring Ball has two purposes. One find out where you stand and two come through the drills as healthy as possible. I am excited to go to yet another clash of the Gold and Blue. The format will award points to the offense for touchdowns and field goals, and the defense for stops, turnovers and touchdowns. It looks to be an entertaining day. Also, as is always the case the $5.00 donation will go to the Children's Hospital. I hope to see a lot of fans there tomorrow!

    I will be traveling to the game tomorrow and will give everyone an update on how the players appeared. If you are planning on coming to the game please come and see me on the press-box side of the stadium. It should be a lot of fun and I pray injury free. It will be exciting to see how some of the young blood plays as well. From what I understand the last two recruiting years 05 and 06 will be shinning tomorrow. Anyway, I will do my best to give you a full report on the same.

    Happy Gold Blue Game Eve,


    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    West Virginia is now up to 6th in Directors Cup Standings

    We have moved to 6th place in the Directors Cup Standings released today which recognizes all around sports achievement. WVU has never been this high. Considering that we only have a fraction of the sports that schools like 1 Stanford 2Texas 3California 4Penn State and 5Ohio State, which are the schools in front of us, it is astounding that we have done so well. I guess the calls for the heads of the Athletic Department may have been a little premature. A little winning can go a long way school and athletics wide. People witness this and want to be a part of the winning. This bodes well for future recruiting. Smile Mr. Pastilong Smile!!! http://nacda.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/nacda/sports/directorscup/auto_pdf/April10RandS

    Go Eers!!!

    Da Geek


    Here's another little pick me up.

    1. West Virginia – Bill Stewart takes over what will arguably be the fastest team in college football. Quarterback Pat White and running back Noel Devine provide an offensive threat few teams can match. This team can flat out fly. An out of conference test against Auburn may tell the tale.


    Wednesday, April 9, 2008


    Rivals.com has their postseason poll out for '08-'09 hoops and WVU is 17th.


    Saturday, April 5, 2008


    I saw a rumor that Jason Gwaltney attended practice today. I couldn't find anywhere to confirm it though. I don't have any idea what that means but I hear he does have a couple years eligibility left. I also saw that Wes Lyons' brother Devon will be transferring to WVU. He is graduating from Ohio State early and will be coming under the same rule that allowed Mundy to transfer from Michigan. (Mundy happens to be Lyons' cousin) He hardly played at OSU, but he is a WR and we could always use another person competing to stand out at that position.

    Friday, April 4, 2008

    I hate that I have to report on this at all but "Rod"saga continues in Mon County Court

    As I have read from numerous accounts there were "key" victories for both sides in Judge Stone's Court. He granted Rod's motion to allow evidence of "fraud in the inducement" to be before the Jury. However, he simultaneously granted WVU's motion to have "all" documentation surrounding Rod's hiring at MU. So, this saga looks to continue until late into the summer. :(


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