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    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Brief on the Bulls

    Tonight is the night to be remembered according to coach. Unfortunately a win doesn't guarantee an Orange Bowl birth. I wish Cinci played before us. The last thing I would want is to demotivate Cinci with a win or worse, motivate them with a loss. That being said, here's how I think it plays out.

    I fully expect a heavy dose of Darnell Scott. If Daniels plays, he can run. But I don't expect to get beat by either QB.

    Stop the rush of the D line. Turnovers, bad decisions, and no rushing game is the goal of this Def line. To win this game, we must win this battle. D backs are suspect and Geno with time, can have a big game.

    I was surprised watching the Bulls D against Louisville. They looked uninspired. That's not how they usually play us. A prime time game and a shot at a bowl game should be plenty of motivation.

    I look for a close game with some big plays. Deep throws by WVU and a couple of turnovers by the Bulls D. WVU covers the -2.5 and wins by 10 going away.


    Da Bulls said...

    Wrong as usual. At least you won't be in the bad prediction hall of fame like some around here. WVU leaves Tampa exposed for what they are - soft, weak, and a poor excuse for a football team. I am calling it right now, you will get you ass kicked tonight.

    Da Bulls

    wvlawgeek said...

    WVU 33 USF 19. Nuff said.

    Anonymous said...

    Orangefan would say: The Bulls smacked around Syracuse so they must be better than them. Syracuse smacked around WVU so USF must be way better than WVU.

    I just hope they play like they played all their other games in the BE.

    wvlawgeek said...

    @Da Bulls well we may have gotten the score wrong but the result was so right. Enjoy being home for the Holidays. After sPitt disposes of Syracuse you guys can commiserate over Football Futility. Our "poor excuse for a football team" are conference 5-2 co-champs. That sure beats 1-6 co-chumps. Thanks for the butt kicking...

    Da Geek

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