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    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Maryland- How do you feel about this game?

    To answer this question is a challenge.  Does one analyze the Eers or Maryland to determine relative confidence.  I will start by suggesting that both the Miami win for Maryland and the lackluster start for WVU against Norfolk State are getting way to much credit as indicators for future success.   I think that Miami while a good win for Maryland was one that has with it so serious question marks.  Maryland required two defensive scores to overcome a suspension ridden Miami.  So the "offensive-juggernaut" moniker that has be labeled to Coach Edsell's team might just be premature.  And the stifled offensive output that was seen last Saturday for WVU might just might have been a factor of teenage boys being teenage boys looking past a FCS opponent.  In any event this game is a darned good marker for both teams to find out what they have.  That has been the case for this rivalry for as long as it has been played.  Though the score with few exceptions is ever closer than 10 points one way or the other. 
    Maryland play-makers:  QB, Danny O'brian; RB, Davin Meggett, TE, Matt Furstenberg; and WR, Kevin Dorsey  Each of these guys will factor in prominently if Maryland is to have a good day.  The Defense returns 3 impact players from last years team: Kenny Tate; Joe Vellano; and Demetrius Hartsfield
    Quarterback play:  WVU
    Receiver play:  Even
    Running Back play:  Maryland
    Offensive line:  Maryland
    Defensive line: WVU
    Linebackers:  Even
    Defensive Backs: WVU
    Special Teams Return:  WVU
    Special Teams Cover: Maryland
    Special Teams Kick/Punt Even
    Coaching: WVU

    I think the game may just come down to defense.  The team that proves to be opportunistic may just be the winner.  Maryland has forced turnovers WVU has not.  On its face that looks like it would be a problematic sign for old gold and blue, however, WVU also has not turned the ball over.  Last year Bruce Irvin had a nice time pestering the Maryland offense.  I don't see any reason why this can't happen again.   Additionally, I think that defensive team speed is much better than people are realizing in Morgantown.  Maryland will be a tough test for sure.  I am not sure however, that we haven't already faced a tougher front 6/7 in Marshall. 

    So How do I feel about this game?  I think WVU wins 42-31.
    • Game time 12:00
    • Location Byrd Stadium, College Park, Maryland
    • TV coverage ESPNU
    • Replay on Root Sports following week
    Let's Go Mountaineers!!!

    Da Geek

    1 comment:

    Greg said...

    Receiver Play - WVU
    Linebackers- Maryland

    Particularly since Edsall sidelined 2 starting WR for the game bacause of a bar fight.

    Neither team has turned the ball over or been penalized. First to blink loses? I'd buy that.

    I think more than just a yard marker for both of these teams this game particularly will be used as a yard stick for both of these conferences! It's an important game.

    If Meggett gets 100 we lose. Just my great oversimplification of all that can happen.

    Any time you have 2 relatively evenly matched teams, it will hinge on a couple of key plays.

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