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    Friday, March 28, 2008

    The Future Looks Bright... I Think.

    I didn't get to see the whole game vs. Xavier 'cause UNC was on here and didn't feel like watching it on my computer. I saw the beginning, the end of regulation, and the overtime. I think the difference in the game at the end was certainly a valuable learning experience for the future. These guys certainly learned that this tourney is no match for the NIT. You can't leave shooters and miss free throws on the last possessions and have any chance at this point. I expect that Wellington will be much more disciplined next year.

    A large congratulations is in order for Coach Huggins. I know there are people that doubted the wisdom of his hiring given his past, but he has shown his worth in a very short time. Though one season is no measuring stick for success at a program, the teaching job he did with these players is nothing short of amazing. Joe Alexander should literally owe him $Millions$ in a couple years. I seriously doubt he would have had a chance at the draft under Belein.

    I now wonder if this team shows any resemblance to the team that we will see under Huggins a few years from now. This group was a bunch of mainly cerebral guys who can shoot. Huggins has transformed them into a more athletic group that attacks defensively and rebounds and the result turned out to be quite substantial. I expect this team next year could be unbelievable if they develop a backup point guard during the year. (some size would help too) I hope that Huggins sees the results of his teaching of these players and it has a direct effect on the type of player he tries to recruit. Either way, I think we'll be successful. But will we be able to be as proud of our team as we are right now?

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008


    The more I read about Xavier, the more they sound a lot like us. They distribute the ball very well. You never know who the leading scorer will be. They have 3 guys that have put up more than 50 3-pointers this year. They're athletic and emphasize defense. Sean Miller has done an excellent job putting this team together. We have a few common opponents (Tennessee, Auburn, Cinci) with similar results. OK, they beat Cinci, but they lost by more to Tennessee and we beat Aurburn by more. Anyway, looks like a close matchup with a slight edge to Xavier. Depends on who can play the best D without getting into foul trouble, and who's making their shots. They don't have an answer for Alexander if he's on, but overall, they play better defense.

    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Great Win

    Just proud to be a Mountaineer today. There are some great articles out there. I particularly like this one.


    Coach K was very gracious in his post game remarks. He talks about the difficulty Alexander presents in matchups because of his athletisism at his size and he sited Mizzoula as the player of the game. What a great effort off the bench. The future looks bright, don't you think.

    More to follow after I research Xavier a little bit.

    Saturday, March 22, 2008

    No average Joe's today!!! Welcome to sweet 16!!!

    WOW just WOW!!! Thanks for a great team effort today. The Big East is definitely making a statement in this NCAA tourney but better than that our beloved EERs just bang, shoot, and scrape their way to a win. A big win against a very good Arizona team, followed up by a very big day against DUKE. It is now time to sit back for one day and enjoy some basketball. Photo Right credit US Presswire.

    I look forward to every one's perspectives.

    Da Geek

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Deeply Concerned

    I hate to say it, but I hate our first round matchup. Arizona has suffered many off the court distractions with coach Olsen's coming and going, but this team has talent. Bayless is the real deal. Hopefully, Jeckyl Alexander shows up and not the head up his ass Hyde! If Arizona was listening to Jackass Digger Phelps recomendations to take out WVU, they'll drive at Alexander and try to get him into foul trouble...take him out of the game. I really don't believe we're that one dimensional and I figure Joe can put a couple shots up into the second row with that philosophy. It really depends on our ball control and shooting. Time for Nichols and Ruoff to step up and make some three's. With the rotation of Wellington, Flowers and Butler being relative solid and Smallington stepping up defensively, it could (crosses fingers) be incredible. Hopefully, the long flight will take its toll and the distracted Olsen will live up to his underachieving tournament ways.

    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    I'll take an ugly win any day over a pretty loss.

    No doubt, it looked pretty bad for most of the first half, and it really was a sloppy game for all involved throughout. This however matters little, because like two previous times this season, our Mountaineers have "prayed" on the Friars this time with a 58-53 tally. With that, the Eers appear to be dancing next week. The Eers have completed step one of the mission to bring home the Big East Tourney Championship. They did in-fact survive and advance and will meet UConn tomorrow. The Huskies need another early exit from the Big Apple and it is high time we help them with the same.

    Oh and by the way Doug Gottlieb is a complete jerk. I have seen folks with an agenda in the sports media but this guy makes the previous haters look pretty bad. Anyway, he says that we still need yet another win. To him we are not in unless we win the auto bid. Well Dougy, I think that you are about as proficient with predicting this years NCAA field as you were at shooting free-throws. But I hope the Eers follow your advice and go ahead and get the auto bid anyway. The next step is a very good Husky team...


    Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    Huggs says we are a tourney team.

    Well after a roller-coaster regular season of round-ball the Eers have just one contest left before Big East Tournament Play and a some form of post-season tourney play. Huggs says it will be the NCAA. “You look around at the teams that are (likely to be) in the NCAA tournament, and they haven’t done what we have done,” Huggins said. “We’ve had good games, but we haven’t finished enough.“I don’t think there’s a doubt in any body's mind that we are an NCAA tournament team.”-Associated press/Times West Virginian At worst the Eers will finish in a tie for 6th place and with a little help from Syracuse can finish as high as 5th in the Big East. I tend to agree with our head man in that we are in regardless at this point but of course a win on Saturday and a nice run in the Big Apple would be grand.


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