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    Wednesday, October 31, 2007

    DaGeek's Top 25 (October 31)

    Happy Halloween my friends. Here is my top 25:

    1 Oregon Dixon is for real and this team can play... Prove themselves worthy of this lofty ranking.

    2 Ohio State It pains me to put them here but best of undefeated
    3 Louisiana State Only top 5 SEC team in my humble opinion
    4 West Virginia Best QB in the land and a really stout D.
    5 Boston College By skin of teeth are they even undefeated but they are.
    6 Arizona State This team is a surprise to all but they can play great win Saturday.
    7 Oklahoma This team just does enough, but Southern Division of Big 12 week.
    8 Kansas I can't get a read on this team but they have played very well.
    8 Missouri I think that this team and Kansas will be heck of a game.
    10 Hawaii Worst of the undefeated but "Just Win Baby" maybe BCS busting.
    11 Connecticut Win over South Florida was a big one. This week will tell the tail.
    12 Georgia SEC East is confusing to say least. Big win at Cocktail party.
    13 Southern Cal. Talent out the ying yang but no apparent leadership.
    14 Texas Haven't shown me too much but enough to make top 15
    15 Michigan Whoda thunk after Appy State loss.
    16 South Fla. Tough losses to UConn and Rutgers but still very dangerous.
    17 Auburn This team suffers same affliction as its cousins in SEC East.
    18 Wisconsin This team had high hopes circa WVU 2004.
    19 Virginia Tech Chokies on Thursday night. November came early.
    20 Florida Best 3 loss team in the country.
    21 Clemson This team is one of best in week ACC.
    22 Tennessee Better than their record would indicate but who knows.
    23 Boise State While their slipper is off, they can still play.
    24 Wake Forest One of the best coaches in game. This team is "ACC" dangerous.
    25 Rutgers season not lost for this team and they will rebound.

    Welcome to my blog...

    I have taken my friend's advice and have created this blog-space for the purposes of putting my thoughts regarding all things Mountaineer to cyber-paper. It is a wonderful thing to begin this journey. I hope that each of you enjoy this project. Thanks for reading.

    I would like to point you out to the links on the left side of the page. I will update these as I find new and good ones. I have tested the links and they all worked for me. I think that maybe the rivals bowl projections site might require membership. If that is the case I am sorry.

    Also, at the bottom of the page is a You tube run series of WVU sports videos. You can watch them from this blog site. And finally I have included my first blog site poll. I will place these on here at different times. The one currently running and will do so until December 6th is concerning WVU's chances of making the title game.

    Some future posts will include my weeklyTop 25. I will post my top 25 each week. I welcome the criticism. I only ask that if you do please post your picks and why.

    Thanks again for being apart of this,


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