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    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    J T Thomas III What a class act.

    With all of the negative out there in sports-land today, I thought that I would like to point out that we have a huge reason to be proud of one of our own. JT3 is an example of what is right with our program. The previous link will take you to JT3's web page. Thank yous go out to his family for raising such a wonderful son. Not only does he make us proud of him on the field. This newest member of the Chicago Bears has proven to be exactly the kind of ambassador we are looking for off the field as well.

    What he did for a young lady, Joslyn Levell, in Morgantown will have long term positive effects. You may click on her name to goto the feed on ESPN covering this 8th Grade Prom event. The simplest gestures tend to be the ones that last the longest. Thanks J. T. 3 for giving Eer fans something to cheer about again and again.

    Da Geek

    Yup been a while my friends. Time to revive the blog.

    I have had some health issues, some work issues, and now a new baby but tis time to get back on this horse and start writing. I shall be giving this site a new facelift. It shall happen over time but my goal is to be up and running in next couple of weeks.

    So what to write about these days. Seems that all that is on the menu right now is Chucky Landon. He seems to have a real problem with Oliver Luck. He will not stop filing stories that border on the line of the National Inquirer. His "story" is now being regurgitated by other "Media." The Pittsburgh Post Gazette aired an article today based upon his blather. This lazy piece is the kind of stuff that makes your stomach turn. As a result his ever expanding Ego doesn't seem to want to shrink. So what to do? I am afraid the answer is nothing. Any response from WVU brass will give him more news cycles of relevance. I think that 95 days from now when we play our first game of the season much of this frustration can be alleviated by the thrashing of that opponent. Chucky will then have to tuck tail and hide or simply look stupid. Though, apparently that isn't a concern of his.

    Will Tressel's demise end up giving WVU a recruiting boon in Ohio? I think to a small degree yes WVU shall benefit from tOSU's untimely demise. To what extent is to be seen.

    Is the Big East in good hands? JM seems to be trying to swim in the deep end of this pool. He either delivers on this next TV deal or he may find that his conference is about 8 teams smaller. It is imperative that he starts to listen to the counsel of the AD's from Rutgers, dare I say sPitt and of course our very own, Oliver Luck. Otherwise the Big East may find itself a nice quaint little eastern-Catholic school basketball conference with FCS football only.

    As I said more shall be coming so please stay tuned.

    Da Geek

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