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    Thursday, August 27, 2009

    Joe Mazzulla back on team___ MSN reports...

    MSN reports that Maz gets another chance. After his second run in with the Police in as many years. Joe Mazzulla has completed his punishment as far as coach Huggins is concerned. “Joe has done everything that has been asked of him on all fronts,” says Huggins. “I believe he deserves to be back on our roster and play for the Mountaineers.” His plea of guilty to disorderly conduct resulted in community service of 40 hours and a $100.00 fine. Let us hope this is the last of this kind of news for this very talented player. This is very good news considering the Mountaineers depth at that Point. This is also fantastic news for teammates, DaSean Butler and Devin Ebanks as they will now get to concentrate on sinking the rock as apposed to distributing it. Anyway, this is a nice peace of news for WVU Basketball.

    Lets Go Eers!!!


    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    WVLAWGEEK's Big East Predicted finish:

    Yes, yes, yes I am a homer. Yes, yes, yes I am a die hard Old Gold and Blue fanatic but even if i were not I would Pick the Mountaineers at the top of this league:
    1. WVU (predicted league record: 6 and 1 or 5 and 2) WVU should be favored to win games in all but two of these tilts, Cincy and South Fla. 2. USF (predicted league record: 5 and 2 or 4 and 3) They would be tied with WVU were it not for there league away tilts) 3. sPitt (predicted league record: 4 and 3) This team lost a lot with Shady's exit. And while I think that talent will help them to compete in the league, Coach Wanny will once again let them down. 4. Rutgers (predicted league record 4 and 3 or 3 and 4) the big problem the Scarlet Knights have is the fact that they have no proven signal caller. Maybe the best O-line in the conference and certainly easiest road to travel, but the simply lack experience in the skill positions. 5. Cincinnati (predicted league record 3 and 4) I think with Rutgers jumping on them in opener Cincy spends too much time trying to dig out of the hole. I know that this is a precipitous fall for Kelly and company but I simply think that three of the above teams will beat them on any field and the fourth will beat them because of the first game jitters. 5. UConn (predicted league record 3 and 4) UConn simply lost too much in Brown. This team will likely win a couple they shouldn't and lose one they shouldn't. 7. Louisville (predicted league record 1 and 7) The Ville just doesn't have it and I think that Mr. Kragthorpe will be shown the door at the close of this season. 8. Syracuse (predicted league record 0 and 8) While I think the future may be looking up for the Cuse it won't be this season.

    This preseason prognostication is as valuable as all others posted out there in that it has very little value. I just felt the need to put up or shut up. So there ya have it. I ask that each of this site's authors post there league finish. Also this sites preseason Top 25 shall be posted next Wednesday. Da Geek

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    What do you think of the new Bowl affiliation starting in the 2010 season?

    It was announced yesterday that the Big East relationship with the Gator Bowl has come to an end. And that the Champs Sports Bowl is its replacement for 1st pick out of the Big East as one of its participants. It appears from the mutual admiration of John Marianato, Big East Commissioner and Steve Hogan of Florida Citrus Sports that this is a marriage made in heaven. Time shall tell.

    "We are thrilled to be a partner with the Champs Sports Bowl, said BIG EAST Commissioner John Marinatto. “I know our schools are very excited about the agreement. Orlando is an outstanding destination for our teams and fans. It’s going to be a great experience for everyone. The Champs Sports Bowl is an outstanding addition to the BIG EAST bowl lineup."

    “We are very excited about gaining another top pick through the BIG EAST and Notre Dame,” said Steve Hogan, CEO of Florida Citrus Sports. “If we are successful in signing our other planned selections, it will be tough to argue that Orlando doesn’t deliver the best week of the college football postseason.” ---BigEast.org

    I am curious to see the readers and posters reactions to this change. I will give my premature thoughts on this event. Here are my two considerations:

    1. What else could the new Big East commissioner do?

    a. He could have let the Gator Bowl dictate terms that would have all but eliminated us from selection from now on. The last deal was a hybrid with the Sun Bowl where in Notre Dame could be selected 2 times in four years which in essence meant that the Gator only had to select a Big East team once. As it worked out the Gator selected WVU for the 2007 incarnation. And it is either Notre Dame or the Big East rep this year in the Gator. So if the Golden Domers don't get it done, with that sissy schedule this year and go to the BCS, be assured, the Gator is salivating to take them. My point is that it is not the best deal for the Big East. And WVU has been there six times so maybe a change is not such a bad thing. While I lament losing the New Years Day Bowl prestige, I am not sure that this relationship is a good one. Thus the time has come to move on.

    b. He could have wooed other bowl sites, aka a New York Bowl. As it turns out this may happen anyway and be a lower tier bowl. I think that of the remaining "open bowl slots" Champs may have been best option.

    c. I for one am glad that the Commish has taken the proactive position to acquire some new bowl games. I don't know if the Champs is an upgrade but it is at least new. As I understand it, it appears the Big East is about to ink a deal with the Sun to be the second selection out of the Big East after the BCS. If this is the case I would say that the lineup is improving. We shall see how it all shakes out once all the Bowl affiliations are completed.

    2. What are the upsides to Champs Sports Bowl?

    a. Well an obvious answer would be the location. It is hard to argue that Orlando in late December would be a bad place to visit. Christmas at the Magic Kingdom sounds pretty darned fun. But I digress it is a warmer location than Jacksonville. It has more to do outside of football and it has direct flights from West Virginia. I would say that from a novelty standpoint this bowl game could prove to be a fun one.

    b. Payout is negligible. It appears that Champs Sports is going to pay 2.4 the Gator is 2.5. I wish we were able to garner more money but from that standpoint it is almost a wash.

    c. A major upside is that it is a night game with exclusive viewership. It shall be shown on ESPN as a part of their bowl week. It will be only game on at that time and thus the exposure for the two teams competing will not be shared.

    d. While we are still tied to the Golden Domers in this contract it is only impacting a Big East team 1 time in the four year deal. Thus a Big East Team shall be taken 3 times. An improvement to say the least over relationship with Gator Bowl.

    e. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge novelty as a plus. It is a place we haven't been associated with and that is a major plus. This would be even more true if we don't have to play the ACC. I am hopeful that we will pick up another conference opponent for this game. We shall see.

    Anyway this is a post that is crying out for the input of the reader. Please let me know what each of you think.


    Saturday, August 1, 2009

    Da Geek created an online petition to retire No. 5

    Please participate in this endeavor. I believe it is of paramount import to retire Pat White's Jersey asap. The following link shall take you directly to the online petition. Thanks in advance for your prompt attention to the same.

    Da Geek

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