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    Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Must-read: Why Rich Left WV

    Detroit Free Press has the scoop here. It's very well written. A definite must read, with exclusive Rich Rodriguez interviews.

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007

    Roundball Polls

    WVU jumped in the top #25 for the first time this season at #24 in the AP. The coaches have them at #27. And it's also worth mentioning Joe Lunardi (ESPN) has them as a #4 seed in his bracketology. Looks like folks are starting to take notice.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007

    Regarding the comments by Ken Kendrick

    It appears that Ken Kendrick is going to assist Rich Rodriguez's legal team in an effort to recoup his $4,000,000 buyout, and withhold it from the University and hence from the athletic program. Reading the recent interviews of this guy has been mildly infuriating. It sounds like he's a booster for Rich Rodriguez University.

    Kendrick, if your partisanship is stronger for Rod than it is for the school you ostensibly donate to, how about go take your money and meddling and direct it to Michigan. How can you claim to give two rats' asses about the Mountaineers when you aid and abet the coach's decision to jump ship before a bowl game, gut out the coaching staff, and attempt to force the school to give up 4 million that will be vital to an effort to move forward after this debacle?

    If you want to be Rod's personal patron and sugar-daddy, why not follow through and give your money to the Wolverines? If you squint real hard, you can pretend that big yellow "M" is a flying WV.

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    J A Big East Player of the week.

    As was published on the BE web site:

    "Alexander was chosen as BIG EAST Player of the Week after he posted a game-high 20 points, while shooting 9-for-11 from the floor, in an 86-62 over UMBC, the Mountaineers’ only game of the week. Alexander also grabbed eight rebounds and blocked three shots. He leads the team in scoring and rebounding with 16.2 and 7.1 averages, respectively."

    Way to go Joe!!!

    Hold the Rope we were told, and then he and the administration dropped it.

    I like many am still dealing with the shock of the news that has come to light over the last 72 hours. I was in shock because I have been a hook line and sinker supporter of our coach since he came here. I was ecstatic at the hire. I said, "just wait and see" after the 3 and 8 season. I stuck by him before it was in vogue to do so. I stuck by him even when he flirted with Alabama and I was one of the fools who believed that he would not join the Maize and Blue. I was obviously wrong. "In Rod we could not trust," he simply had other plans. I am not sure that a different outcome of the Pitt game would have reaped a different result but I know he has bailed on his team now. I have heard several perspectives on what had "caused" this to come to pass. Too say that this hurts would be gross understatement. He told us all to hold the rope!!! He then let go and watched us all fall down. I wish that he would have taken his words as seriously as did his players and the fans.

    I have heard from the Rod camp, which suggests that it was not him but the administration of WVU. I have heard that he simply couldn't take it anymore with regard to the fans. I would note that the administration appears not to have clean hands in this either.
    "I tell you what, I've never seen anything mishandled as much as this was," Bob Reynolds, former chief operating officer of Fidelity Investments, said yesterday. "Here's a university that made a $200,000 decision -- it probably could've cost less than that [to keep Mr. Rodriguez] -- and it's going to cost them millions" in booster support, potential bowl money and revenue from football success." Earl G. "Ken" Kendrick Jr., a part owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks and benefactor to the WVU College of Business and Economics and other colleges in his home state, said: "I'm severely disappointed in leadership. I'm discouraged by the decision-making and lack of judgment. And the lack of respect for key employees -- because this isn't just about Rich, he's just the most high-profile one. It's a sad story. It's compelling to me as somebody who's given emotional and financial support to the university. And it makes it questionable to me as I go forward."-as quoted in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette I can't give the administration a pass either. I just hate the fact that we didn't have a chance to work this out. Rod didn't want to negotiate or fight the administration anymore and the administration didn't want to feel like they had a gun to their head every year. It is a tough situation in my opinion mis-handled by all. But it really doesn't matter why it came to pass it does matter what it means:

    1. I think that it means in the short term that this team is going to have to overcome a lot in less than a month to be competitive against the Sooners. They have to overcome Pitt. They have to overcome disappointment over falling short of their dream to play for all the cookies. And now they have to overcome a betrayal of trust by both the coach and the administration. I am sure that it impacts some players more than others but it will have a profound impact regardless.
    2. I think that in the short term it means that this recruiting class arguably our best ever will likely be blown up. I don't blame these kids either. I wish them the best regardless of their choice. I hope that they come in spite of this but I understand why they might wish to pull their commits.
    3. I think that this means that the reputation of West Virginia has just taken a big blow. Now all those who would say we are a 2nd tier program have some significant mud to sling.
    4. I think that this means that the administration has an opportunity after royally botching this, to once again show the country that it is more important to see a flying WV than the name tag on the shirt. I hope against hope that our days without a coach are short ones.
    5. I think that this means that Bobby Bowden may get a chance to make an immediate splash. I hope that if this is the case that he uses his charisma to bring a quick "healing" to the wounds of this program. "I made a full commitment to get back into coaching almost two years ago. Coming home to West Virginia would obviously be the dream job for me," Bowden, a college football analyst on radio and for Yahoo! Sports, said in a statement released by his publicist.
    6. Long term I think that this program will rebound and come back a strong as ever.

    I know that Rich has lead us well for the last 7 years and I am grateful. I wish that his legacy at WVU wouldn't be tarnished in this way. I guess I need to fall back and be the "bigger" person and realize that it is a part of this "business," however I am ill-equipped to do so. You see I am a transplanted West Virginian. I bleed the Gold and Blue and I love my people. This was one of our own turning his back on us. Mostly I am mad because this team has come to believe in the philosophies of Rich. The problem is that he has always talked about doing not talking. His words ring shallow when he uproots and leaves the job undone. I will heal from this as we are a resilient bunch but I am mad right now. Whomever is coming to fill the vacancy please realize how important this is to us the fans. Please realize that we will follow you into the fire we will bleed every scrape we will do what it takes to make you a part of our family. Please don't come here unless you wish to do so for the long term. The program will continue to grow even if the rope was dropped by Rich. I guess we need to take his quote from the presser this morning to heart as he is "in the past." Though the fallout from this will not settle for some time to come.


    So Who then...

    Any thoughts on the new coach? I think they should start with Jim Grobe (Huntington native). He once told me years ago that his dream job would be Marshall. OK, that was a LONG time ago. He could reunite with Bill Stewart since they were both assistants at Air Force in the early 90's. Maybe, that's just MY dream. So, do you go after Jimbo Fisher? Would Terry Bowden stay if he had success? How about going where Michigan wouldn't with Brian Kelly? WVU has to look appealing with the talent that...should... be coming back.

    Bottom line: It will always come down to recruiting for WVU. It's a tough place to recruit. Unfortunately, I think we'll lose more than Terrell Pryor!

    Sunday, December 16, 2007

    Oh noes!!!

    December 16, 2007
    Rodriguez leaving for Michigan (1:47 pm)
    Dave Hickman, Staff writer
    The Rich Rodriguez era at West Virginia ended early Sunday afternoon, not with a bang, but with a whimper.
    In an early afternoon meeting with his football team, Rodriguez announced he was leaving to become the head coach at Michigan.
    Rodriguez walked into a scheduled 1:30 p.m. meeting with his team and emerged 10 minutes later without comment and walked briskly back to his office. Shortly thereafter the players began to file out of the meeting room, somber-faced and generally without comment.
    Rodriguez reportedly met with Michigan officials this past Friday in Toledo, Ohio.

    Saturday, December 15, 2007

    Rumors n' rumblings

    Story here

    The WV Gazette is reporting that Rich may be in talks with Michigan.

    I don't know what to make of all this.

    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Da Geek's Bowl Pickem

    I have created a Private College Bowl Pickem Site called Da Geeks Bowl Pickem on Yahoo.com. I am inviting you to join this game. The pertainant information is as follows: ID# is 24538 and your password is: football

    Please join the fun this bowl season.

    WVU Picks up two verbles with the last name Woods. And a kicker to boot.

    JD and DJ Woods (DJ Woods Pictured to right via Rivals.com) a Rivals 2 star from Fla and a Rivals 3 star with sub 4.5 speed from Ohio respectively have given verbal commitments to WVU. This was confirmed on all the major recruiting networks. This is filling a position of need *2. Both receivers are going to have the opportunity to compete for playing time next season. Our success in recruiting top level talent has not been stymied by one loss. It is clear that we are making some big moves to fill needs. We are still in the mix for several more athletes. We shall see. But today welcome to the Mountaineer family JD and DJ.

    As was said above we have also got a verbal from a kicker, Tyler Bitancurt and this one happens to be a protege of Paul Woodside. Now that is going to add some "kick" to this recruits status with WVU fans everywhere.
    He is pictured to the left.


    Women's Basketball Team is sitting at 8-1

    The Lady Eers tallied an impressive win themselves against the Lady Dukes. This came right after they routed host Rhode Island, 80-47, last Saturday afternoon at the Ryan Center in the championship game of the URI Invitational. This nationally ranked team is going to be special this year as it is lead by a very good senior class: Guard, LaQuita Owens; Forward Chakhia Cole; Center Olayinka Sanni; and Guard, Meg Bulger (pictured right.) Expectations are high. Fortunately so is the talent. With their only loss coming against top ranked Tennessee this season looks to be a great one.

    Da Geek

    Sunday, December 9, 2007

    WVU Basketball wins another now 7-1.

    Wow another dominant performance from Huggy's youth. Obviously we have a winner in our senior leadership with D. Nichols. He has proven to be invaluable in the time he is in the game. He distributes the ball like a master and he can bring the ball up the court as sure handily as anyone. But it seems that the excitement for this year will be from a mixture of talent. Last nights game saw Mr. Butler (AP Photo left) and Mr. Ruoff deliver very impressive numbers, 18 and 15 points respectively. I thought that a defensive philosophy change is bearing fruit. As our Eers out rebounded the Dukes by 38 to 24 margin. I guess Coach was right that after trying to rebound they did find that they liked it. Another very encouraging stat was the free throws as they were 19-of-23 from the line.

    Thank you kids for figuring things out so quickly. One would think that this team is only going to improve the longer they are in Coach Huggin's system. Anyway it is quite encouraging to see this type of dominance this early in the season. I also think that the fact that this team leads the nation in point margins is something to consider when contemplating the potential success of this team.
    1 2 Final
    DUQ (6-3) 37 31 68
    WVU (7-1) 48 44 92

    Very very encouraging.

    Da Geek

    Thursday, December 6, 2007

    DaGeek's Random Thoughts RE: WEST VIRGINIA SPORTS

    • Pat White is Big East Player of the Year: I realize not a shock to any on this board but pretty special non the less. I am damn proud of the accomplishments of this team and that is directly related to the leadership, skill, and infusion of fun given to the Eers by Pat. Thanks for a wonderful season. Can't wait to see you display your wears at the Fiesta Bowl.
    • Pat McAfee has had to endure some despicable idiocy at the hands of those that would call themselves Mountaineer fans. I am sure that you all have heard that Pat has been harassed after the missed kicks at the Pitt game. For the record I love this kicker/punter. He has proven to be invaluable this season in what he brings to the table. Rarely has he missed. It is common that the opposing team has a long way to go as a result of either his kick-offs or his punts. He has been an entertaining interview each and every time he has had the opportunity to opine on anything. I just wish people would get a clue. Anyway, Patrick we love you and wish you continued success with the Gold and Blue.
    • I mean really can you find a more apropos bowl for the number one party school in the nation than the one called Fiesta? Oklahoma is a wonderful draw. This is the type of marques match up that can continue to propel our program forward. The beauty is that even after the Pitt loss the Sooners are only spotting us 7. Truth be told that says a lot about the respect that our program has garnered from the professionals in Vegas.
    • Coach Rodriguez has been named the Coach of the Year for his region by the AFCA. “What makes this award so special is that this is the only coach of the year award voted on exclusively by the coaches themselves,” AFCA Executive Director Grant Teaff said. “The winners are selected by the coaches they compete with and against on a daily basis.”
    • We are once again Big East Champions!!! U Conn gets to share the title but we get the big game reward.
    • On the hardwood the Eers came to play last night in Alabama as they whipped the Tigers (war-eagle or whatever they call themselves) by a final score of 88 to 59. Alex Ruoff went off with 28 pts. Shooting 10 for 12 from the field and 6 of 8 from 3 point land. Way to go Alex!!! The Eers are now 6-1. Things looking good for the Huggy rendition of this team.

    Building the ultimate Mountaineer


    Help build the ultimate mountaineer (football)

    My thoughts:

    Brain: Oliver Luck
    Heart: Bo Orlando
    Eyes: Pat White
    Chin: Sam Huff
    Leadership: Jeff Hostetler
    Arm: Marc Bulger
    Hips: Major Harris
    Strength: Brian Jozwiak
    Calves: Jerry Porter
    Toes: Willie Drewry
    Tenacity: Chuck Howley
    Hands: David Sauders
    Thighs: Ron Wolfley
    Feet: Steve Slaton

    I struggled with what the best toes or calves meant. But I know Porter could leap out of the gym and Drewry could run a fine line on kick returns. But there are too many I had to leave off. Where do you stick the Mike Comptons, Aaron Beasleys and even Todd Sauerbrun and Mike Vanderjagt. How can you leave off Jim Braxton and and Chris' fav Canute Curtis. Difficulat to say the least.

    Monday, December 3, 2007

    Some Emotionless Analysis

    OK, I don't expect people to be beyond the stage of emotional unease quite yet, and I'm not either, personally. But I would like to run a few things by y'all to help frame how we approach the Fiesta Bowl and the '08 season.

    Firstly, the loss this year to Pitt is an almost identical circumstance to USC's loss to UCLA last year. Same score, and the same ramifications for the team on the ugly side of the upset. USC choked in its final game of the season after dominating the Bruins the two previous years. But now, just a year later, you scarcely hear that loss mentioned as USC wins the Pac-10 yet again. There's a reason you don't hear about it--- Every team suffers horrific losses from time to time, and it's impossible for any one loss to stay a story forever. West Virginia and Pitt fans will always remember this one, but in the long run, to everyone else, it will just be an ugly footnote on a season where WVU won the Big East and faced Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

    In retrospect, I now think it's unfortunate that LSU lost to Arkansas in 3OT. Had they won, the Pitt loss would have only been a vexatious blip after stomping UConn en route to a BCS bowl. After all, where things stand right now is the probable best-case-scenario everyone envisioned after losing to South Florida. Three weeks ago, I told Chris that the UConn game was all that mattered; we'd lock up the Big East and head to a BCS Bowl. And that's exactly where we stand. Except that no one feels happy about the situation right now that we were hoping for so recently.

    We can fairly assess what was lost Saturday night: The opportunity to play for the National Championship. With so many teams in college football, this is not something that comes by all too often. And losing that opportunity was a setback. However, winning the Fiesta Bowl would quickly stop the bleeding, and leave the team poised to garner a good preseason ranking and make another run in '08.

    Sunday, December 2, 2007

    Ole JB's Post-Brawl Thoughts

    First off, to get this off my chest, Mountaineer fans who booed Rod after that 3 and out need to get a clue. Not only is that classless but it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding about the psyche of the game. Those players and coaches wanted to win this game more than even the most rabid of fans did. Rod's coaching has led to victory 90% of the time the past three years. It didn't work tonight, but one broken tackle and you all would have been singing a different tune.

    Other than that, obviously this was a crushing disappointment. On my way back to the 'Burgh, I at first told myself that I wouldn't listen to the radio, but I did anyway. Pat White's post-game interview was pretty heartrending. They asked him when the loss would sink in, and his response was "when the clock hit zero". I can't tell you how glad I am that he's the WVU quarterback, and I fully expect him and the rest of the team to pick up the pieces and win the BCS game, whichever it may be.

    Some of the sting will wear off in a month, and hopefully we'll be able to embrace the good of this season despite the bitterness of the end. A Big East championship, another shot at a BCS bowl and another double-digit win season. I've had a blast watching the Mountaineers this year, and the sad events of this evening won't change that.

    As the various incarnations of the spread offense continue to dominate college ball, teams are going to figure out ways to stymie it. The mustacioed one, for all my derision of him, brought a solid defensive gameplan tonight, and it paid off for the Panthers. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for the coaches and players. After all, there's a lot to look forward to in '08.

    Youtube Highlights for South Florida Game

    Big East Champions

    Bruce Irvin

    Pat White 15 Touchdowns Just to remind you of how fun scoring can be...

    Geno Smith Video By Dougitydog

    How important are early verbal commitments?

    How many pushups do you predict Brock will press in Marshall game?